Quick question re yoga balls!

I know I promised to really fire the discussion about stiffening felt in my next post so I am digressing slightly, don’t count this as a post just a little diversion until tomorrow!  I want to ask the question ….. how long does it take to inflate a yoga ball with a foot pump?????  This morning I have tried to inflate my new ball with Cathy’s foot pump, tried being to opperative word because after about 10 minutes of huffing and puffing only the tiniest smidgen of air seemed to have entered the blooming thing while I myself was all puffed out from the effort of trying to get it inflated!  Later I will try to inflate Cathy’s ball (bought my own in Aldi yesterday) in case hers is any easier but to be honest if this is as easy as it gets it would be days before I could finish a vessel using one as a shaper.  Any thoughts???