It’s a red letter day, the new website and video launch, Showcase begins!

Thanks 1000 times to Patrick McHugh and Peter Martin for all their hard work over the last few weeks, my new website is finally ready to reveal, six hours before my first time participation at Creative Island in Showcase!!! After the show finishes we have some tweaking to do; the product and fashion photo shoots will take place, the shopping cart will go live and I'll be working hard to update the workshop section to reflect all the exciting classes and residential retreats that will be happening during 2015.

Stand C13 at Showcase 2015, almost ready for action!

Stand C13 at Showcase 2015, almost ready for action

Clasheen (the blog) will be fully interpolated within the new web domain as opposed to linking to the whole of the old site, from here forwards the website is to reflect my new branding and positioning. I couldn't have done all this without the marvellous guidance of Eddie Shanahan, a push from Mary Whelan, incredible support from the aforementioned Mary, Emer Ferran, Emma Mc Grath, Kieran Comerford and all their relevant teams, thanks to you one and all!

It's too late tonight to work further on embedding the new video here, I'm posting this link instead. I hope that you enjoy it and get a little feel for what living and working at Clasheen is all about, I ansolutely love what I do and really hope that you can get a sense of this plus an appreciation for the beautiful rural countryside where I live!!! I'd really appreciate any comments, feedback, likes and shares both on YouTube and on Facebook, this will help with getting the video ranked on search engines. Thanks friends, I'm off to sleep now and be bright and bushy tailed for the opening of Showcase in the morning!









Nuno felt scarf pictorial tutorial goes live!

I am not sure if I have just been staring at my computer screen for too long but my eyes seem to be blurry and my ears are tired of trying to select some royalty free music to accompany this ‘pictorial tutorial’!  Feel free to give me honest feedback (are the pictures blurry and can you read the writing?) and if you like what you see please rate it on YouTube!

My first experiment podcasting about my felt!

This is not a proper movie I know but here goes with my first experiment adding both an audio and a visual element to this blog, please have a look and let me know what you think!  Thanks again Ken, John, Alan and Cathy for facilitating such a great ArtL!nks event yesterday and thanks also to friend and professional photographer Bernie McCoy for the beautiful images of my bag!

Podcasting – felting videos in the planning and invitation to a felt-a-long in March

Today I spent an interesting, stimulating and intense day at the ArtL!nks audio/video podcasting course in Kilkenny and it has really opened my eyes up further to the opportunities available for recording some of my day to day felting activities here at Clasheen.  Many of you have sent me messages over the last year or so wishing you could participate in some of the workshops I organise in Ireland, now I hope to interview visiting international felting experts while they are staying with me and upload their thoughts to the blog via podcasting!  I can also (if I can get to grips with the technology!) film short felting tutorials myself or perhaps have advance notice of future workshops complete with video clips offering a taste of what will be covered during the sessions. 

In January we interacted about the possibility of a collective ‘felt-a-long’ but due to my ongoing water and heat problems that idea went on the backburner.  Now that I have my basic facilities running again at last my plan is that everyone interested in participating will commit to introducing one friend (obviously a non-felter) to the joys of felting and our project would be a simple piece of flat felt which when completed could either be framed, used to cover a book or else stitched into a clutch purse or some other simple and small functional felt accessory.  After the podcasting course today I am thinking that I will be able to record a simple video documenting my own process (is anything ever simple with video???) and upload it to the blog and I will also set up a new Flickr group where everyone can share their photos (and videos!) and let us know how the whole experience goes for them.  If you are interested in joining this collaboration please leave a comment at the end of this post and feel free to let all your friends know as well!  This should be fun and it is definitely not a competition!!  The only commitment that I require from you is that you sign up to participate through your comment here and promise to upload a couple of photos of work in progress and the finished felt to our new group on Flickr. Our felt-a-long will take place sometime during the third week in March and I will set up the Flickr group and fine tune the details over the next couple of days.  For the moment let the comments begin …….