Writing felt flower tutorial

I’m not quite ready yet but I’ve been writing a simple felt flower tutorial for the 15 minute lesson I have to give as part of the Train the Trainer workshop I’m participating in. I’m not going to have a lot of time to blog over the next couple of days but I will post the tutorial when it’s finished!


Nuno felt scarf pictorial tutorial goes live!

I am not sure if I have just been staring at my computer screen for too long but my eyes seem to be blurry and my ears are tired of trying to select some royalty free music to accompany this ‘pictorial tutorial’!  Feel free to give me honest feedback (are the pictures blurry and can you read the writing?) and if you like what you see please rate it on YouTube!

Thanks and nuno felt scarf

Thanks for all your encouraging comments about my first podcast, I will definitely take everything on board and over the next while plan on videoing some interesting interviews and other felting footage for you to enjoy!  In the meantime I decided to document my work this morning and hopefully I will put these images together into a little movie later this evening or tomorrow morning and create a simple nuno felt scarf tutorial which I can then upload here to the blog. 

Gathering my raw materials

Nuno felt scarves are always an enjoyable project for me to felt and also one of the most popular items that I offer for sale.  To get started I took out my vanishing stash of natural materials and selected a gorgeous printed silk which I teamed up with apple green and cerise pink merino.  As always when nuno felting I like to select either contrasting or complimentary colours, in this example the silk is already crinkled in two tones of green with hot pink and red splashes of flowers.  Because the silk is already very detailed I decided just to work with two complimentary colours of merino although I did add green silk hankies and deep maroon mulberry silk to the merino to lend a little extra surface detail to the wool.   Check back here over the weekend to watch the steps I use to turn this pile of raw materials into a gorgeous nuno felt scarf!