Home from fabulous felting course!

Hi everyone, I have finally returned from a week in Crete followed by the most fantastic rug making workshop with Mehmet Girgic at Wollknoll in Germany!!  What can I say?  Mehmet is a master Turkish feltmaker and every minute spent participating in his workshop was an amazing experience.  Twelve of us gathered from as far afield as Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Austria to learn the traditional way to make our own rug and I must say that it was worth every Euro spent.  The knowledge that we gained from our own work and watching others was invaluable.  Mehmet is exceptionally generous with his time and experience, everyone felt he was the most generous teacher and facilitator that they had ever had the chance to work with.  I can’t wait to get some images up for you on the blog but it may be tomorrow before I actually get them downloaded, I have been up for 36 hours without sleep and counting!  Keep an eye on the blog tomorrow or late this evening, I promise to have a taster on view and also the Autumn Swap partners go up tomorrow!!