Felted tote, name of book I got the pattern from

A couple of days ago I promised to let you know which pattern I used as the basis for my autumnal felted tote.  The book is ‘How we Felt’ by Carol Huber Cypher (I ordered my copy from Amazon) and the bag is the ‘Ulonga-Bora Tote Bag’ on page 75.  Felt tote This is a great book to buy if you have a little previous wet felting experience.  In addition to some helpful felting tips there are 19 projects to create, each one a signature piece from an internationally recognised fibre artist.  You get a good feel for the individual artist’s work practice, the reason that it is not for the total beginner is that the steps involved in each project are discussed but not documented in quite the same way as in the majority of books.


Nuno felted tote

Felted tote bag with detatchable corsage
Felted tote bag with detatchable corsage

I am really exhausted this evening as I have had another training session for my tourism course and have been trying to tidy my house in preparation for tomorrow morning’s workshop, obviously it is the tidying up that has worn me out!!  The weather has been really unsettled as well making it difficult to take photos so I thought that I would share my recently made tote bag as I hope the reciepient has recieved it in the post by now.  This bag is the one that I made as part of an exchange organised through Ravelry, a great forum for meeting other fibre minded friends.  I knew the type of bag that my swap buddy would like and also some of her favourite colours.  She also said that she was a casual kind of person but could be persuaded to be funky, hence the felt corsage!  I followed a pattern from one of my books (can’t think of the name at the moment but will add it later) cutting out a resist and a silk lining then laying 6 really fine layers of merino on top of the silk encased plastic.  The surface was then decorated with loads of cut/torn pieces of silk chiffon and I also used quite a bit of gold mulberry silk to add some depth.  With this method there was about 35% shrinkage so you can imagine that I started out with a pretty big package.  I LOVED the result, so much so that I would actually like to have kept the bag for myself if I hadn’t already designed it for my buddy!!  The nuno felted corsage adds a fun touch (I think) and I definitely will make a few of these again and put them up on my Etsy shop.

Quick post …..

Just a really quick post to say that I have been felting mad over the last few days and also writing up the ‘Craft in the Classroom’ blog for Drumlea.  Thanks Deb for leaving a comment for the children, they were absolutely THRILLED!  I know that they would really appreciate any feedback from all around the world, it really excited them that a textile artist from America would take the time to look at their work and leave a comment.  This afternoon I felted the most gorgeous tote bag, my first larger bag project worked in silk chiffon and merino.  Unfortunately it is not for me!  I am going to try to get some images up tomorrow (Dawn, the hat/bowl will be one of them) but I am extremely busy until Monday morning so please bear with me if I don’t get many posted.