Fantastic felting workshop taught, crippled with my back!

Yesterday I tutored the felting workshop at the 3rd ‘Pick up your needles’ day at the Arts Centre in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow and we had another fantastic and creative time.  Several of the participants were returning felters and it is great to see them as they progress and learn new skills, yesterday they were working with resists and all made either gorgeous bags or in one case an amazing felt vessel.  The beginners started with flat felt in the morning and in the afternoon worked on flowers and cords which seemed to go down really well.  The improvers joined in on the flower or cord sessions depending on how they wanted to finish their seamless piece and altogether a lot of good quality felt was produced, satisfying for the participants and also for me too!

My big problem today is that I hurt my back on Friday (recurrance of an old lower back injury) and I really need to be fully fit to get some felting done and help Alan in his election campaign.  We have had a busy week starting the canvassing process and getting the election posters up and out, I don’t want to be too crippled to felt in any down time I have, submissions need to be in this week for 3 projects that I am interested in so off to get myself into gear and live to fight another day!


Too many ideas and not enough time

I am finding it hard at the moment to clarify my ideas and get my thoughts on paper for several proposals and submissions that I need to get sorted out before the end of next week. In addition I am making a submission for a big 6 month project, deadline mid May and also making several entries for the RDS National Craft Competition, deadline also during May! Possibly if I had a formal art education this is the type of thing that I would be schooled in but as I haven’t it is something that I just have to wing myself. For me the problem is not my lack of ideas at the moment, rather the reverse. Ideas seem to be floating around my head in ever increasing circles and I really need to clarify and work on just a couple of themes in order to get my submissions/proposals finished in time. Today I am going to have to knuckle down and do some serious work towards my proposal for Sculpture in Context, I do have some clear thoughts for this one but need to see if I can make a mock up of the sculpture that I would like to submit just to make sure that I am not talking on too big a project (as if!)  Carmen has a couple of days off for Easter so I think that I will call in to her this afternoon and we can get some work done together, tomorrow I will probably work myself at home and try and get some paperwork done as well as a lot of felting time permitting.