Pictures from the wonderful Sheep and Wool Festival, Horst at Clasheen and Pam de Groot in Kerry!

Today has been another exceptionally busy day so far, shortly however I am off for a relaxing bath then heading in to Borris for the opening of the ‘9 Stones Artists’ current exhibition.  I am really at the pin of my collar trying to get everything organised for Horst and Gina’s visit to Clasheen (Gina is his youngest daughter), find the sanders, plastic, dye pots and other stuff for the workshop, sort the house out, unpack from both my US trip and Enniscrone, unload the truck after the Sheep and Wool Festival, prepare for my Danish buddy Kirsten to arrive (can’t wait Kirsten!) plus 100 other every day things that have been totally neglected in the mad whirl of the last week or so!

AAGH, seem to be having problems uploading images to WordPress this afternoon, wouldn’t you know it?  I do have a selection from the weekend up on Flickr now (titles and descriptions to follow later I’m afraid) so pop on over there if you want to have a look, will try to upload them here again tomorrow but for now I have run out of time yet again!

Lastly, I am SO EXCITED that Horst will be arriving in less than a weeks time.  Sharon Crandall is feeling the same way too I am sure because amazingly she has organised super felter Pam de Groot to facilitate a felting masterclass in Kerry the very same dates we will all be enjoying Horst’s instruction in Bennettsbridge!!!  There are 2 places left for Sharon’s workshop with Pam so please check out this post on her blog if you are interested in booking.  For those of you attending Horst’s event I promise to be in touch over the nexgt day or so just to confirm everyone knows exactly what day they are arriving on and where exactly they will be staying!  It is truly going to be an international event because we have participants arriving from Denmark, England, Portugal and Germany not to mention those of you attending from Ireland, Irish or otherwise!!!

Just in the door …..

I have just arrived in the door after several of the busiest days of my life.  Alan’s father Des passed away peacefully in the early hours of Saturday morning and as a result I had to work round the clock at the Sheep and Wool Festival and then drive for 5 hours in order to get to his parent’s house late on Sunday evening.  A massive crowd of relatives, friends and local business people attended the funeral on Monday and then yesterday was spent with Alan’s family before I headed home today via Dublin.  I needed to stop there in order to pick up a few supplies for Horst’s workshop, needless to say I didn’t get what I wanted but I am so tired now I have just put off searching locally until I get a bit of a rest and actually manage to unpack my bag from the US.  Yes, it did arrive on Thursday as the airport officials said it would but because of setting up my workshop space, the Presentation School’s work and three of Horst’s garments I did not have even ONE MINUTE to spare.  Tomorrow I promise a few pictures from the weekend and also to answer any outstanding emails, for tonight however, good night!

Packing my bags, link to pictures and new workshop announcements!

Well, I just need to spend about another half an hour on the computer and then I am off to pack all my workshop supplies as well as sort out some clothing for my imminent US trip!  I can’t believe the time has finally arrived to hit the road but really with all the work on the book recently as well as trying to sort out things for my solo show in August my brain has just been stuffed to the brim.  I have also just finalised everything in relation to the house and Rex, thanks Alan and everyone else who will be taking turns staying here, walking Rex and keeping  things safe during my travels, you know who you are and you are all MUCH appreciated.

Now, I had been going to write a post about felt accessories and nuno mosaic in advance of my workshops at The Tin Thimble CA, Plainwell MI and Lexington KY but you are just going to have to forgive me, I have no more time.  Instead I am going to direct you to the various sets in my Flickr photos (don’t forget there a couple of pages of sets!),  the images there are by no means an exhaustive grouping of what it is possible to felt but at least if anyone is sitting on the fence about making a last minute decision about travelling to Loomis (there are a couple of places left at The Tin Thimble) this might help you make your mind up!  Please email Emma if you would like to join us or Dawn if you might be able to make Plainwell.

Before heading off I want to remind everyone in Ireland about the fun short workshops I will be facilitating at the Sheep and Wool Festival for the June bank holiday weekend as well as announce a series of workshops for the summer which are going to take place at The Yarn Room in Ashford, Co. Wicklow.  I am pasting the details for these workshops at the bottom of this post but please check the workshop page at The Yarn Room over the next week or so to check the price and further detalis and to book a place, alternatively email Stephanie and she will sort you out!

Finally I want to thanks all of you who have ordered our book, as mentioned before Chrissie and I are THRILLED!!!  Thanks for the wonderful comments we are recieving from those of you who have already recieved your copies, I am SO JEALOUS as I have not got my own copy yet, but roll on Tuesday, it should be waiting for me at The Tin Thimble!  I do intend to blog throughout the time I am away so this is not a firm goodbye, just be prepared my posts may be a little patchy for a while!!!  Adieu.  Now for those workshop details …..

Saturday 16th July 2011


At this one day workshop beginners and improving felters will have the opportunity to revisit the basics of wet felting and learn some simple new techniques to add to their repertoire.  Working with a selection of colourful merino and adding beautiful silk, linen and other vegetable fibres to enhance and embellish the surface design participants are encouraged to bring along any old beads, buttons, ribbons, yarn and other found objects to incorporate into their felt if desired!  Nicola will have a selection of glass nuggets, embellishing fibres and unusual fabric with her and everyone is welcome to include these as surface detail in their felt too.

NB Beginners and improvers wishing to participate in the nuno felt workshop on Saturday 23rd July are encouraged to attend this ‘revisiting the basics’ day as it will be an excellent opportunity to practice laying out the very fine layers of fibre needed to master the nuno felt technique!

Saturday 23rd July 2011

NUNO FELT SCARF with Nicola Brown

At this one day workshop participants will have the opportunity to discover for themselves the wonderful technique of nuno felting.  Learn how beautiful textured effects and ultra lightweight yardage and accessories are achieved by felting together very small quantities of wool with a fabric such as silk or cotton gauze.  A basic silk or cotton fabric is included in the price for this workshop but if participants would like to bring along any additional lengths of silk (minimum 1.8m in length) or rolled edge silk scarves with them Nicola will help them transform these into beautiful textured nuno felt!

NB It is advisable for participants to have some previous felting experience prior to this workshop so beginners wishing to attend are urged to try and make the wet Felting workshop on Saturday 16th July if at all possible.



Working with materials as diverse as plastic, paper, leather, vinyl, metal, old woollen jumpers, denims and hand rolled felt (to name but a few!) learn how to create wonderful wearable accessories or interior accents for the home.  Nicola and Cristina have a wealth of experience reworking old loved clothing and found objects into beautiful, functional and decorative objects such as jewellery, bags, mobiles or other interior accent items!  Plenty of raw materials will be provided for participants to work with on the day but please bring along items like old beads, buttons, ribbons, yarn, broken jewellery and other found objects from your stash as well as previously felted jumpers and old denims if you have any!  Fancy paper may also be brought as Nicola will have a laminator on hand to help with the creative process and although we will have one to share if you have a sewing machine please bring this along too.

NB To felt a jumper in the washing machine and get the shrinkage you are looking for it is necessary for it to be made from a high percentage of hand washable wool or a wool/mohair/cashmere mixture.  Just bung it and some other clothes in a 40 to 60 degree wash and if you feel it hasn’t shrunk enough run it through a second cycle, when felted you should be able to cut the fabric without the wool unravelling!