Today has been the perfect day for felting!

We woke up this morning to horrendous winds outside, the perfect excuse to hole up inside and join Carmen for a full day of felting!  By the time she arrived the winds were increasing and after about another hour of howling and wailing the rain started, great stair rods of water coming down vertically, does anyone else use stair rods as an expression for rain???

Mohair and silk throwsters waste for the outer layer of this beret, short fibred merino inside

Tomorrow afternoon I start my third series of workshops with the Borris Active Retirement group and by request the topic for our first session is ‘felt hats’.  I decided to experiment today and felt a beret combining an inner layer of short fibred merino with an outer layer of mohair waste and silk throwsters waste.  As a quick aside, I suggest that anyone interested in trying out this mohair waste that Carmen and I are using (Sharon, hope this suggestion helps) goes to their nearest weaving mill and ask if they have any loose fibres left from the brushing process.  This is where we have got ours and it has been free to collect as Carmen is a friend of the person, I know that Cushendale Woolen Mill sells their abroad but you just need to ask around and I think you would be able to access some.  Anyway, the process for the beret is almost identical to the recent explanation of the mohair vessel with the exception that you don’t create such a deep three dimensional shape as with the vessels, rather stretch and pull the felt into a flattering shape to softly cover your head.  As before, the mohair really blended well during the felting process and for this beret I added a wonderful vintage button cover I picked up during last Fall’s workshops at The Tin Thimble in Loomis, CA. 

Beautiful vintage button cover

The deep lilac in the centre of the button cover is perfect with the turquoise, pink and lilac silk/mohair combination!  Head on over to my Flickr photos to see more pictures of the hat in progress as well as one rather dark image of the finished beret, the heavy rain made photography rather trying this afternoon!!!

Exciting nuno felt jacket competition and a couple of pictures at last!

Over on Clasheen Uncut I posted last week about an exciting competition Chrissie is having to win one of her stylish ‘Waterfall’ nuno felt jackets!  The rules are simple and it is a wonderful opportunity to win a unique piece of wearable art in colours that are personal to you, check it out!!!

Light shining through pink silk chiffon nuno felt scarf

The weather has been a lot better this afternoon, still a bit windy and not too warm but at least I was able to take a couple of pictures in the garden!  Here is an arty shot of my latest nuno felt scarf, now available for $50 from my new online boutique.  For this piece I felted the stylised flowers very well but didn’t throw the  scarf too much meaning that the finished scarf is actually not much shorter than when I started to lay out the wool.  I also cut the leaves out of some short fibred merino which I had covered in silk before dry felting for a couple of seconds with my hands.  Working the wool and silk combination dry for a couple of seconds compacted the fibres enough to allow me cut out the shapes, pretty cool using the short fibred merino but not so easy with long tops. 

Summer nuno felt scarf

Here is another shot of the scarf, the pale pink is really very pretty, the darker pinks and purple of the flowers contrast with the green leaves and really make the pale pink ‘pop’!