Nuno felt scarf pictorial tutorial goes live!

I am not sure if I have just been staring at my computer screen for too long but my eyes seem to be blurry and my ears are tired of trying to select some royalty free music to accompany this ‘pictorial tutorial’!  Feel free to give me honest feedback (are the pictures blurry and can you read the writing?) and if you like what you see please rate it on YouTube!

Fun afternoon Felting!

I have just finished a fun afternoon felting and chatting with Carmen!  I needed to complete some pieces to show the curator how I am progressing towards my work for ‘Breaking Out’, an exhibition with the Crafts Council and really had to get stuck into things this weekend.  Because of being totally tied up with the organisation of the Irish Green Gathering recently and having had that accident with the glass I have really not been actively creating as much as usual.  It was great to get stuck in and work towards a couple of pieces that I have had in mind for some time.  When I was up in Enniscrone recently I collected shells, stones, seaweed and driftwood from the beach.  I also managed to find a great piece of polished horn which takes pride of place in a chunky necklace that I finished this afternoon.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get a couple of pictures of the work up on the blog, fingers crossed that my photography will be passable after the beautiful images that Bernie McCoy took not so long ago!