Pictures of my recent nuno felt top!

Slowly, slowly I am finally starting to get back to basics with my newly working computer and all the attendant software.  Things like Office 2007 were all wiped out and I had a major panic because I couldn’t find any discs even though I knew that I had purchased all the bumpf.  Anyway, without boring you totally sensless I finally managed to find some old emails from Microsoft, realised I had purchased the software online, found the 25 digit product key and voila, I am back in business this morning!  Initially I couldn’t get any of the pictures from my phone onto the computer but now that I have updated everything I can finally proceed as if the last 4 weeks never happened, I wish!!!

Folded and stitched nuno felt top


You probably remember I blogged recently about my Japanese inspired folded and stitched top but wasn’t able to upload any pictures at that time, well here they are.  The first shot shows the top from the front, this is the kind of loose style of clothing I enjoy wearing myself so hopefully I will get plenty of wear out of this now that I have finally put it together into something wearable!  The second image is the top from the back.  I think you should be able to see how beautifully this piece of ponge silk was dyed by Lyda Rump, I echoed the colours by selecting short fibred merino in complimentary shades and also added silk fibres making the top reversible if desired.

The back of the top

Sleeveless top felted and mulling the logistics of laying out and fulling a large (for me) rug

Yesterday I felted the sleeveless nuno  top I was promising Patricia and this morning Sylvia arrived to discuss the large rug I will be making her.  We looked at samples and completed small rugs in the studio before she decided on an abstract design based largely on the blue and white seat pad I felted the other day.  Sylvia wants her finished rug to measure 2.4m x 1.5m which means a lay out size at least one third bigger using Mehmet’s base if not a little more.  Thinking about the logistics of the rug I am going to have to stitch (I know!) two long pieces of the base together in order to get the width that I require and even by putting three of my new large tables together I am not going to get enough space to lay out everything at that height.  Because I have a slate floor in the studio working on the ground is not a problem but I am conscious that I need to be careful of my back so am kind of thinking I may try and extend the three tables somehow.  Two side by side are actually just wide enough I think so maybe with the third table at right angles on the end if I borrow a couple more tables I might be able to extend things enough to make it work as a temporary measure.  I know that I could scroll the rug like I do sometimes with long scarves but to date when felting rugs I find that they are difficult enough to roll up tightly so I think that either working on the ground or extending the tables is my best option.  I am open to suggestions ……………..