Announcing evening felting workshop for Berkeley and American trip update!

I am SO excited to be finalising the plans for my wonderful Fall trip to the United States! Meeting blog readers and strengthening online friendships will definitely be one of the highlights of the visit. I can quite understand how online dating works because I really feel that I ‘know’ many of you already from all our correspondence back and forth across the waters and I am sure the reality will actually surpass the virtual world that using the internet fosters!!! I would also like to say that before any of you start to panic Rex, (and the house), will be very well looked after by my mother, Alan and a selection of friends while I am away on my travels. I am also going to be getting some work done in the garden while I am away in preparation for a FANTASTIC vegtable garden next year.

Now I would like to update you all about how the workshops are panning out and announce an additional date and venue to add to the schedual, how exciting is that?

Firstly I will be flying from Dublin to San Fransisco on Wednesday 22nd September and travelling on to The Tin Thimble in Loomis CA for the start of my American felting adventures! On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th I will be facilitating a Complex Felt Bag workshop and on Monday 27th the workshop will be exploring the beauty of Mosaic Nuno Felt, click here to link through if you would like to book a workshop at The Tin Thimble.

Arriving back in San Fransisco from Loomis I will be catching up with Jamie and Blas from Urban Fauna Studio and nuno felting friend Nancy Schwab prior to my first workshop at Knit One One in Berkeley. This exciting addition to my workshop schedual is a four hour Jewelery Making Workshop taking place between 6 and 10pm on Friday 1st October, this should be FUN so please click here if you would like to join us on the night!

World Felt Day on Saturday 2nd October sees me returning to a venue organised by Urban Fauna Studio where we will be discussing and creating all sorts of funky Felted Accessories (I have so much to share re.the felted accessories it will be difficult to know where to start!) and on Sunday 3rd Felted Vessels will be the topic. I am really looking forward to returning to Urban Fauna because last year’s Nuno Mosaic workshop was an absolute blast and the scarves created were absolutely amazing, click here if you would like to book a workshop in San Fransisco!

The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Kalamazoo, MI is the final venue of my trip and we kick off there with a Complex Felt Bag workshop on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October, this class is now totally booked out. If however, you live within striking distance of Kalamazoo and would like to participate in my final workshop I think there is still a place left in the Felted Accessories workshop on Monday 11th October but click here to book asap as I don’t expect this to be available for much longer!

I am sure that you can all see why I am so excited about this trip, I LOVE teaching and meeting fellow fibre enthuastics so I just know that we are all going to have an amazing time at the workshops!!! For some reason I seem to be having problems blogging this morning, text jumping around the place etc. so I am just going to upload this now and hopefully add some pictures to tempt you tomorrow or later this evening. ‘Till then …..


Booking open for my felting workshops in Michigan this October!

Booking is now open for my ‘Complex Felt Bag’ and ‘Felted Accessories’ workshops at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Michigan on 9th, 10th and 11th October!  I am so excited to be finally getting everything together for my American trip and this is just another milestone towards a totally fantastic fibre filled adventure!!!  Yesterday I booked all my international and internal flights (Dublin to San Fransisco, San Fransisco to Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids to Philadelphia and New York back to Dublin) and it is just going to be so exciting to meet as many of my blogging felting friends as possible during the 4 weeks which I will be spending on the road.  Dawn Edwards (of the wonderful hats fame!) has been brilliant setting up the Michigan leg of things and I am so looking forward to spending time with her both at the workshops and during a planned visit to felt with Horst of Horst Couture, I am almost expiring with excitment as he is one of my all time felting idols!!!  Anyway, I thought that for today I would just let you know what is planned for Kalamazoo so that if you are interested in joining us you can book to be sure of your place, below are the details taken directly from the Institute of Arts website. 

Complex Felt Bags – Functional Wearable Art (557)

Nicola Brown
Saturday and Sunday, October 9 & 10, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sustaining Members: $143, Members: $147,
Note: Community registration begins August 11.
Community: $155
Studio 6, Limit 10
Materials fee to be paid on date of workshop. A $30 (approximately) materials fee will need to be paid on date of workshop. Participants will begin by creating a small piece of jewelry imbedding glass nuggets or stones within our felt and using natural or artificial fabric for surface decoration and texture. There will be discussion of the various options for felting bags with integrated handles, multiple pockets, flaps, attachments and shapes and looking at the various ways the bags may be adapted to be used as handbags, shoulder bags or backpacks. Participants will learn how to either stitch or stick resist materials together to create the templates and then make a sample piece using layers of merino and C1 wool or similar coarse wool. Continuation of felting and finishing the bags will complete the workshop. Bring a sack lunch, materials list available on the web.


Felted Accessories (558)

Nicola Brown
Monday, October 11, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Sustaining Members: $68, Members: $72
Note: Community registration begins August 11.
Community: $80
Studio 6, Limit 10
Materials fee to be paid on date of workshop. A $27 (approximately) materials fee will need to be paid on date of workshop. This workshop will allow participants to experiment incorporating found objects, glass nuggets, stones, fabric, leather, fish skin and any other kind of inclusion in make unique wearable accessories. Each person will create a combination of rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, scarves, simple belts, purses, neck wraps, sleeveless mittens, or flowers. Nicola will bring a selection of unusual fabrics with her from Ireland including metallic meshes and sequin or glitter studded polyester, for participants to use. Bring a sack lunch; materials list available on the web.

To book either or both workshops please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the relevant link!