Felting inspiration from nature and reminder re. Chrissie’s nuno felt jacket competition!

As I contemplate the never ending inspiration nature provides I am sipping an uplifting mug of Pukka three ginger tea, one of the gorgeous goodies I recieved from Jasmine as part of the Clasheen Crafty Swap.  I keep checking back to the group pool every day, the packages are totally amazing and this morning I am in love with the pebble earrings Kirstin received from Dawn, even though I don’t have pierced ears myself I am drooling!!! 

Aquilegia and geranium

The weather has been FABULOUS here for the last five days, a slight breeze, temperatures ranging between 18C and 25C every day, perfect for any type of outdoor activity especially gardening, walking and golf.  I totally succumbed to the weeding bug yesterday after promising myself I wouldn’t do any gardening until after my golf match this coming Wednesday and until a couple of current felting projects are put to bed!  I adore all types of herbaceous plants and I think that this chaotic riot of pinks and purples from one of my boarders shows colour combining to perfection.  The acidic green/yellow colour at the centre of the aquilegia (more acidic in reality) is just the perfect shot of colour to contrast with the deep purple, what better reminder do I need to add a contrasting colour to my next piece of felt?  Yesterday evening Carmen, Cathy and Martin called over for food and a glass of wine.  Thanks Cathy for the champagne, we were able to really enjoy the late afternoon weather eating and drinking outside under the shade of a large parasol and casually contemplating the now weed free border!!!

Left to herself nature provides stunning colour combinations, how about these sparkling and cool blues and white set off perfectly by the freshest of green shoots?  These flowers are just one of the many bursts of colour all the way down my entrance lane at the moment. 

Bluebells and spring flowers on the lane

I also don’t want anyone to forget Chrissie’s wonderful competition over on her blog, check it out if you want to win a ‘specially felted ‘waterfall’ nuno felt jacket!  All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is email Chrissie with some photos of your choice of a minimum of 4 colour combinations.  Why not have a look around your own garden or in the hedges and get some inspiration from nature as I have done this weekend? 


Rushing ……

Got my 3 entries off to the craft competition over the weekend but totally out of time for any felting or blogging until tomorrow morning at the earliest but it is more likely to be Thursday afternoon if I were to be quite realistic!  The start of my week looks like this …..golf match today, running LATE, last session with Borris Active Retirement group tomorrow, pictures to follow later in the week, teaching 24 teenagers flat felting on Wednesday morning, managing golf match in Enniscorthy on Wednesday afternoon, sending in the  paperwork to accept my bursary by tomorrow afternoon (the deadline for receipt is Thursday, tight time line) …….. the list goes on and on!!!

Stunning printed silk for nuno felting, new online store about to go live!

At the moment it just seems to be a roller coaster ride, organising my American workshops (sorry about the lack of details yet, trying to pin everything down in reverse order time wise!), sorting out my new online store, ploughing through the ever mounting paperwork and housework (on the back boiler yet again!!), attending to my golf club duties (unpaid I might add) and trying to get some time to actually felt and be creative.  Spending time felting is the one thing that keeps me sane and although Alan can’t understand why I feel compelled to get into the studio when so many other things need to be done I just would go totally mad if I didn’t get a little time to play around with fibres!

English Garden wrap/scarf

On Saturday morning I drove into Carlow town with Alan as we had a washing machine of his in the back of my truck which needed some repairs, my truck is very handy for hauling stuff around!  Anyway, while I was on this mission of mercy I managed to call into a nearby shop for a couple of minutes to check out their t-shirts and have a look at some of the latest summer accessories.  I was lucky enough to have the very good fortune of snapping up three stunning printed silk scarves, absolutely perfect for the pictured nuno felt wrap!  I laid out short fibred merino and silk fibres on one side of the silk scarf roughly following the colours in the print though not being totally confined by colour at the same time!!  It did take me longer than usual to lay out the fibres but I definitely think that the results have been worth the effort, I love the finished colours and texture! 

Detail showing both the silk side and the fibre side out

During the course of this week I promise to launch my new online store and this wrap/scarf will be one of the special items I am offering to launch my summer collection!!!  Here is a close up shot to show how I followed the colours and shapes printed on the silk when laying out my fibre.