‘Spring Swap’ update

Just a very short post today to let any of you who don’t already know that the Spring Clasheen Crafty Swap deadline has been extended allowing all of us (me included!) to post out our parcels no later than Friday 14th May!  Check out the group on Flickr over the next couple of weeks to see all the fantastic goodies that are winging their way around the world brightening up someones day and sharing our love of fibre and crafting.  I have a hectic day lined up today as blogged about yesterday over at Clasheen Uncut and if you want to enter a competition for a fantastic nuno felt top by Chrissie details are also over on the companion website!  I promise that wet weather or not pictures WILL be taken tomorrow and uploaded to the web and I will also have details of an exciting vessel or bag workshop that I am facilitating at the end of the month.


Looking forward to some serious felting!

I am delighted to have this weekend over with (check out Clasheen Uncut if you want an idea of the nitty-gritty details) and at last I hope my time becomes freer to allow me to concentrate on some serious felting over the coming weeks and into the Summer months ahead.  There are a couple of things that I just need to finish up with and then I plan on felting a series of larger sculptures, vessels and lampshades, basically much more three dimensional work, an area of felting that I really enjoy. 

Planning where to cut the felt


Today I took a piece of Saori weaving off my loom and now am going to try (you know me and sewing!) and combine it with an experimental felt top to create something totally unique and individual, hopefully not too odd but I’ll keep you updated!  This is one of the projects I want to get out of the way in the morning (a bit ambitious???) and I also need to make a couple of scarves tomorrow to bring with me on Wednesday when I give a talk locally to the Borris Active Retirement group.  In case you are wondering why I am going to cut and rework this felt top the answer is that although I absolutely love the shape, style and colour it is a bit too cropped for me and as I have not been wearing it decided it should become my first experiment combining felt and weaving!

Thanks again for all your comments re. the nuno felting ‘pictorial’ on YouTube, I will take everything on board and also answer some of the questions some of you posed in my next post tomorrow evening.  I will also give some more details of our March felt-a-long.  Until then …..