New felt jewellery designs

I’ve been taking some time both last weekend and this to work on new (to me) jewellery designs while I’ve been in the studio at Duckett’s Grove. Almost by happy accident I came up with an idea for a flower bolo, already two of these have sold so I think this is a step in the right direction. I’ve also felted two bangles and four rings in strong modern shapes yesterday and today, these are in strong sharp colours with clear defining lines where the colours meet, no blending of shades. Finally I felted some flowers with stylised petals, some for brooches the rest for the bolos and the smallest for rings. I’m going to try uploading a couple of pics in a minute, this new WordPress app is proving a godsend since I’ve been away from the computer almost all of the past week.




Beautiful felt ring arrives in the post!

By the time you read this I will be part way through my two day workshop with Charlotte Buch at the ‘Felt Naturally’ symposium in Denmark! 

Beautifully packaged treasure

Last week I fell totally in love with a little ring created by Kate aka Tastykaeru and I was thrilled that it arrived in the post right on time to wear for my early morning departure to Grima’s exciting felting get together.  Opening the package just confirms my thoughts that judicious beading and stitching can really add another dimension to hand rolled felt.  Kate’s Etsy shop is a pleasure to browse through, jam packed with gorgeous but simple embellished jewellery and at such amazing prices it is difficult to decide where to start!  Green being my FAVOURITE colour to wear for the last few seasons I finally decided to break the bank and buy this little beauty!!! 

Nestling in the black satin

Felt and driftwood ring

By the time I had finished my proposal for Cashel Arts Fest, had a chat and some lunch with Carmen, Mariate and Alan it was four o’clock and we (with the exception of Alan!) were all ready to get down to a bit of felting (or sewing in the case of Mariate) for the rest of the afternoon.  Carmen laid out a gorgeous scarf and I started to decide exactly how I was going to make a ring using merino and a well worn piece of driftwood collected on a recent trip to the beach.

Felt and driftwood ring

It took ages deciding which piece of driftwood to use as when you are a confirmed hoarder like me it is difficult to use anything from your stash in case you mess it up and end up wasting the piece!  I had a couple of minutes trying to work out how to attach the bit to Alan’s small drill but eventually decided just to run with my own Makita and not worry about the concequences in the event of any misadventure!  Choosing the colours for the felt was easy, the dark patina of the wood lent itself to orange, yellow, wine and green Autumnal colours, no surprises there.  Overall I was very happy with the end result and plan on wearing the ring tomorrow when I go to a podcasting course organised by ArtL!nks.  I also felted another ring using bone and merino and then made an experimental cuff using merino and some very sequined jersey fabric that Carmen got as waste from an Irish dress designer.  Unfortunately it will be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get to felt again but now that I have got started combining felt and found objects I will be planning some more pieces of jewellery and then hopefully some bigger three dimensional projects which are floating around in my head at the moment.

Felt vessels and images of felt ring

Margaret's natural felt vessel

Margaret's natural felt vessel

Here are the images as promised of the beautiful felt vessels that Margaret and Bridann made with me at the beginners felt workshop on Saturday.  Because they had learned how to make a piece of flat felt in the morning it was a simple step forwards to try out three dimensional work in the afternoon.  If you are new to felting and working by yourself or learning from a book I definitely would recommend practicing the flat felt for a couple more times but as I was there to help keep an eye on the edges of the vessels and any other likely trouble spots we just progressed naturally into this type of work.  Margaret decided to work in natural coloured wool, a soft white for the inside and a gray on the outside.  The outside was embellished with white mulberry silk and although this blended in very well with the grey wool it would show up much more clearly if the finished piece was shaved with an electric razor. 

Bridann's striking felt vessel

Bridann's striking felt vessel

Bridann decided to use a round resist to creat a bowl shaped vessel.  She worked in shades of blue and teal highlighting the outside layer with yellow merino and light blue mulberry silk.  This was a very good colour composition and I am sure you will agree that both ladies created amazing work for their first day felting!

Blue felt rings

Blue felt rings

Also as promised here is an image of my new design felt ring, more images in my Flickr images.  I am also going to be uploading these rings (and hopefully) a lot more pieces to my Etsy shop over the next day or so.  I have a mountain of work just waiting to go up online but it seems to take forever to get it sorted out and I have to say that I have been procrastinating a bit!  Now that I am felting full time I really need to get a regular income so have just decided that I REALLY need to my online sales sorted out as soon as possible.

Felting workshop and new design of felt ring

Great first pieces of flat felt!

Great first pieces of flat felt!

Bridann and Margaret arrived this morning for our beginners felting day at Clasheen. Neither had wet felted before although Margaret had done a little needle felting and has bags of wool waiting at home for her to get cracking with the wet felting. We started the morning with a coffee and chat about the basics of felting and had a look at various types of wool and animal fibre before getting started on their first flat piece of felt. Experimenting was the order of the day to enable both ladies to get a feel for the fibres and they each decided to mix two colours for their base, Bridann chose grey and pink while Margaret chose orange and brown. I had a selection of prefelts, silks, various animal fibres and wool to select from and add as embellishment to the top layer. It was great seeing the pieces come together and Margaret who thought she had chosen ‘safe’ colours was amazed at how vibrant her finished piece of felt actually was! After a spot of lunch we started on their first 3-dimensional piece, Margaret chose to make a tall vessel and Bridann a round bowl. They really produced amazing work for their first 3-dimensional pieces and tomorrow I will upload the images. For some reason today they will not go in the position I want them to on the blog, the wonders of technology!

When we had lunch I demonstrated a simple 3-d felt flower and for some reason that inspired me to create a new style felt ring myself after the workshop was over. I used the gorgeous soft short fibre merino from Filzrausch and had great fun playing around with some simple colour combinations, blue, teal, a spot of yellow and a black centre. I made the ring piece from dark green wool and it looks as if the rings are flowers growing from the dark green stems!

New design of felt rings and swap update

Funky felt ring

Funky felt ring

Here is an image of a felt ring that I made using the technique that Ingrid Bannier generously showed me last weekend, I am also going to load a few more images of rings and a spiky brooch in the same theme up to my Flickr account.  Obviously yesterday I must have been having a brain storm when I said that I would post today about the nuno workshop, I have another opening of an exhibition later on and I have to load the truck for the next 3 day’s craft fairs!  The nuno post will happen later in the week, sorry.

CLASHEEN CRAFTY SWAP Just a quick reminder to say that all swap packages should be in the post!  Please contact your swap buddy directly if for any reason you have not posted yours yet.  Thanks.