Drying the large wall hanging is taking some time

I'm amazed how long the large wall hanging is taking to complete. I called in to the Gaelscoil after I'd finished felting with the Goleir group yesterday morning to discover the art room was a bit smelly and humid because of the drying felt. Now that it's not so wet and heavy I decided to bring the piece home with me and try to get it dry outside, at least this way I can move and turn it regularly.

At the moment it's draped over one of my felting tables at the front of the house. I'm a little nervous that Rex might lift his leg on a corner of it but unless the wind and possibly the sun gets to the felt (hopefully not rain, look at that sky!) I'm not sure how on earth I'll get it ready to iron and attach the flowers. The school have put a picture of the wall hanging in progress online, once we're finished I'll collate all the picture and videos I've taken myself and post the best images here on the blog.

I'll leave you today with a picture of the beautiful flowers felted by the Goleir group yesterday, next week we'll take pictures of all the work created during this fun and creative four week series of workshops!




First felt picture and a couple of spring flower inspired nuno neck felt pieces

I can't actually write about the internet problems I've been having over the last week and a half for fear I'll jinx things again, if you follow me on FB you'll know what I'm talking about! I'll post a few pics instead and just mention that I WON'T be in the studio at Duckett's Grove on Easter Saturday or Sunday but I will be there on bank holiday Monday. I'll also be the Borris Food and Craft Market on Saturday morning, we won't be open on Good Friday at all. Now for the pics……

Last Saturday Ulrike joined me at Duckett's Grove for her first felting experience, the result, an absolutely gorgeous picture with a very definite underwater feel.
The picture was laid out with the intention of having the green circle at the bottom left hand side, once it was felted however, Ulrike decided that the other way up made the most pleasing composition. I think I have to agree! Last night I felted 6 flowers and today a long nuno felt scarf plus four short nuno felt neck pieces inspired by spring flowering bulb. These are all fully reversible, I like them best worn with a little bit of both sides showing!
Daffodil inspired neck piece
Grape hyacinth inspired neckpiece
Crocus inspired neckpiece


First pics from Gaelscoil and help, my Internet connection has broken!!!

A very brief post today…… I'm busy working on my project with the Gaelscoil and unfortunately an essential connection to my modem has broken, NO Internet at home for a few days. Thanks Dawn for putting a message on Facebook saying I was out of cover, I've just logged in for a minute to upload this picture via a hotel's connection, cheeky! This gives a good idea of the scale of the wall hanging I and the pupils are working on, it's huge!!!


Sample felt landscape

After I finished my new inventory list for Duckett's Grove this morning I felted a sample landscape prior to laying out the big wall hanging with the pupils in the Gaelscoil this week. I was a big concerned in case we had worked our prefelt too much, in fact everything came together nicely so I'm confident now that things will work out very well for the children.

This first collage shows both the front and back of my sample prior to felting. The design is very simple (I wanted to work out the shrinkage rate), drawing is definitely not my strong point but I think that the linen, silk and milk protein fibres I embellished it with help to bring the whole piece together. Because the prefelt has already started the fulling (shrinking) process we won't need to lay out the wall hanging much larger than we want the finished piece, it's going to be big enough anyway to roll and turn so any little help is gratefully accepted.

The second collage shows both sides during the felting process.

The final picture shows the front of the landscape after felting. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and the children this week that the big picture will come together as easily!


Lovely felt flowers and beginners day long felting workshop at Clasheen next Saturday!

Yesterday afternoon first time felter and expert chef Aine McAteer popped over with her sister Helena (Helena and I both started felting with Carmen at the same time!!!) to join Cristina and I in an afternoon of felting magic.  Helena worked on a hat, Cristina plotted and designed a dress/skirt while I showed Aine how to make felt flowers and I must say she was an excellent student!  Because Aine is organising and hosting a week of raw food classes with Marie Pavillard from 14th – 18th in Wicklow she won’t be able to join us next weekend but we are planning a couple of intensive workshops prior to her departure home to Malibu at the end of the month, (contact her directly if you are interested in more info re. the raw food classes).

Aine's wonderful flowers

For those of you who might be free next Saturday I am hosting a beginners day long felting workshop here at Clasheen so if you would like to explore this fascinating craft in a fun and friendly environment why not come along and join me?  The day will start with a quick chat about the basics over a cup of coffee/tea and then we will roll up our sleeves and get stuck in and create a beautiful colourful piece of flat felt.  It is always amazing to watch the reactions of beginners/improvers as a loose and fluffy wad of fibres changes to become a beautiful and strong piece of fabric.  In the afternoon we will work on a second piece which can either be framed, stitched into a clutch bag, used as an insulated pot stand or maybe wrapped around a diary or notebook to create a colourful cover.  Please let me know asap if you would like to reserve a spot, the cost for the full day (felting from 10am until approx 4pm) is E75 including all materials, tea/coffee and cold drinks are freely available all day but participants are asked to bring their own packed lunch.  If you are interested in more information just email me for extra details and directions.