Picture of felt flower ‘lampshades’ and horrendous computer problems yet again!

As promised here is a picture showing the little felt flower lampshades that I added to my Ikea light.

Felt flower light

Apologies for the lack of blogging over the last few days but I have been having huge computer problems and then managed to get a dreadful virus onto Alan’s computer so now he has none to use over the Christmas period, understandably he was not a happy bunny!  Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow but for now I bid you all a good evening and safe travelling over the holiday period.


What do you do with hundreds of felt flowers!

Following on from the felt piece I made for Sculpture in Context I had a big bag of extra flowers sitting in my studio.  I have been toying with the idea of incorporating them into some kind of felt rug but yesterday I raided the stash to steal 45 to use with an Ikea lamp as a kind of floral Christmas decoration!  The lamp is one that I used to use in a previous house but had put in storage since moving here to Clasheen, it has a tall silver base and 45 long flexible ‘arms’ with a small bulb at each end.  Reassembling the lamp was simplicity itself, I literally punched a hole in the centre of each felt flower, unscrewed the little bulb, positioned the felt at the end of each arm and then screwed the bulb back in creating a great focal point in the centre of each flower!  Even Alan commented on how successful the revamp was, pictures to follow tomorrow.