We’re having an interesting time in Bansko, Bulgaria!

Sorry about the lack of posting over the last week or so, I’m in Bansko (Bulgaria) with Alan sorting out some business and catching a little time on the ski slopes! Internet coverage is not brilliant but I’ll be back to posting as normal next Wednesday. We’re staying at a lovely traditional restaurant and B&B called the Dedo Pene, we had some lovely meals here the last time we visited and staying here has worked well. Our big room has a lovely solid fuel stove and I have now actually bought one to bring home to Ireland for my studio! It runs totally differently to the traditional Danish stove I have already, there is a light metal bucket inside an outside enamelled casing, you fill the bucket with fuel and light from the top down. We are still not sure how it actuallyworks but one bucket of slag/coal stays burning slowly for over 12 hours do it should be wonderful to keep me warm while felting!!! Until Wednesday goodbye.