Felt, friends, fabric and FUN!!!

They are talking about me at CraftGossip.com
I am having such a wonderful time here at The Tin Thimble in Loomis, a veritable feast of felt, friends, fibre, fabric and fun all day long!  Time is tight and I am just grabbing a quiet 10 minute break to give you a short update while everyone has some lunch then it’s back to the work space, really, felting is SO NOT an effort!!!  It’s been brilliant to catch up with old friends and meet up with new ones, ten minutes is just not enough time to fill you in on everything that has been happening but here are a couple of the highlights …..

  • Sharon, Emma, Lisa and I have been felting like dervishes every spare minute we can between workshops, skirts, vests, jackets and wraps, amazing colours, fabric and style
  • Had a lovely visit from Karen Crete and her GORGEOUS young man, check out the pic below!
  • The felted accessories workshop yesterday was such fun and some gorgeous pieces of felt were created, pics when we take some of the finished pieces
  • The nuno mosaic class is well underway now and there will be some amazing large pieces felted by the time I try and update you all again tomorrow
  • From Felt to Friendship is 7th overall in the Blurb bestsellers list, 4th in the craft section!
  • Chrissie and I were featured online by the amazing Linda Lanese of Craft Gossip fame, check out the post the free draw for a book if you live in the USA!  For those of you not living in that part of the world Chrissie and I hope to have another draw as soon as I get home so keep your eyes peeled to both our blogs!  http://felting.craftgossip.com/giveaway/book-review-and-giveaway-from-felt-to-friendship/

Karen and her beautiful Steamboat Willie


So much felting news to share, so little time …..

I really wanted to write a LOOOOONG post this morning complete with pictures of some recent felt accessories but I still need to assemble my materials for this month’s US workshops, get my hair cut, buy my suitcase, sort out the house, check my diary (ha, ha)  to confirm which dates Alan and friends are staying at Clasheen during my travels, wash some clothes, photograph some felt, write a bio and statement (for my first solo exhibition in August), write a profile for a book Feltmakers Ireland are producing etc. etc. etc.!!!  Instead I am going to beg your patience and write down today’s essential news as three bullet points reserving a longer post with pictures of the felt accessories for when I have some more writing time tomorrow.  Here goes ……..

      • THANKS a bunch to Chrissie who now has the softback version of our book listed on the UK Amazon site, brilliant!  Apparantly the more people who ‘like’ the book there, the higher up the rankings it moves so fingers crossed that when people actually have it in their hands we will get some positive responses and it will move upwards.  If you are looking for the hardback version it is available (as is the softback too) by clicking on the picture to the right or going directly to our page on Blurb.
      • Congratulations to UK felters Annie and Lyn of rosiepink who have just released their first eBook, I have already ordered and downloaded mine and I love it, the book is titled ‘Creating Felt Artwork’, a step by step guide!
      • Horst has been featured today by felting editor Linda Lanese on the wonderful Craft Gossip website and blog.  Thanks Linda for mentioning our ‘Large Felt Garment’workshop which takes place in The Studio, Bennetsbridge, Co Kilkenny, IRELAND from 17th to 19th June, the first time EVER Horst will be teaching outside the US, it will be an amazing experience.  In fact, participants who work hard and finish their large garments early will have the opportunity to make a matching bag/purse for themselves, bring it on!!!  There are only two places left for this unique workshop so if you would like to join us please email me asap, thanks.

        Horst's latest line of felt purses!

Craft Gossip and feedback please for felted road sign

Interesting Craft Blog

Interesting Craft Blog

Many thanks to Linda Lanese from Craft Gossip who has just written an article about me and put it up on the internet!  Craft Gossip have all the latest news from real crafts people telling you about the real stuff.  They scour the net looking for the best craft ideas and projects and review them for you.  Craft Gossip have divided their blog into many sub-blogs covering topics including knitting, crochet, bath and body,  jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing craftsrecycled craftsneedleworkedible crafts, indie crafts and of course felting.  Each of these sub-blogs are managed by their own dedicated editor so you know that you are getting personalized attention, click here if you would like to meet the editors.

FEEDBACK PLEASE I started my felted sign last night having decided on  ‘Studio open’ for the wording.  It would be great if some of you could leave a few comments regarding what wording you find works best for you personally, I am still not sure should I have felting on the sign, felt, studio, my name or any combination of the above!  Please leave a comment on this post if you have ANY advice or words or warning.  Thanks!