ArtL!nks project started and pretty hectic week ahead once more!

You may remember that I was lucky enough to recieve a E1000 ArtL!nks bursary earlier in the year and yesterday morning I started the project which should result in two large felt sculptures, one columnar and about my own height, one pod shaped.  I have 4 weeks (broken down into 28 days as I do have some other committments to fit in as well) in which to complete the pieces and will be documenting everything on a seperate blog which still has to be set up, I hope to have that live by the middle of next week!  For the moment I am just keeping my head above water until next Monday is out of the way, in brief I have the project to work on, am attending a three day workshop with Hungarian felter Vanda Roberts at Carmen’s studio from Thursday to Sunday, will be co-hosting the Captain’s Dinner Dance for the Golf Club on Friday night, starting another felting project with Borris Active Retirement on Monday afternoon and then chairing the Ladies Club AGM at the Golf Club on Monday night, whew, I am tired even thinking about all of this! 

Fun felt bag, possible shape for one of my first felting kits!

Once this is over however and I hand over the Lady Captain’s position I should have a little more head space in which to finalise my new felting kits, blog properly, enjoy my felting and enter proper discussions with US friends about some exciting workshops which may be happening in the Californian area during Spring 2011!!!  I knew that I couldn’t keep away from US for very long, exciting times ahead!

Next post will contain pictures of the initial days of my ArtL!nks project, until then adieu.

It’s wild, windy and sometimes wet outside and I’m wrecked today!

In case you are wondering ‘wrecked’ is slang for exhausted in Ireland and that is my state today, not anything worse!!!  I finally finished my bursary application yesterday morning after working almost non stop over the preceeding days.  Luckily I managed to drive to the ArtL!nks office in Kilkenny and deliver it in person just before the deadline and then I had to rush back to the Golf Club to officiate at a party to say thanks to the club secretary who was finishing her job after 12 years of hard work and friendly service, thanks Nollaig (Christmas in Irish!).

Today I slept in until half past nine, unheard of for me and now I am just trying to catch up with things like washing up (not done for three days, horror of horrors!) before I light the fire, grab a glass of wine and crash out with a good book to recharge.  Tomorrow is another day as we say here so for anyone waiting for a reply to an email or any other such like apologies, I can’t do another thing today so will be back in action on the morrow after a good nights rest!

PS Just read my headline before uploading this and remembered I was going to post a picture of the gorgeous cowl I got in a Ravelry swap this week as the picture might give you an idea of how unsetteled the weather is here at Clasheen today!!  The sun is shining right now although it is very cold and we have already had torrential rain, hailstones and loads of rain.  By the look of the mountains more rain is on the way!

Stunning cowl for the stormy weather ahead!