Irish and American workshops plus Horst is coming to teach in Ireland!!!

I was mortified this morning to discover that I had never updated my workshop page since before my trip to the States last Fall, knowing me well as a lot of you do by now I am sure you will have realised that paperwork and planning is REALLY not my thing but this was just the absolute limit!  Anyway, I now have spent a couple of hours (yes, really) sorting things out and am pleased to say I have updated the page to include the latest workshop here at Clasheen (on Saturday 5th March), provisional dates and venues for my US trip this May and an announcement about wonderful designer Horst’s first trip to Ireland and the workshops he will be facilitating here this June (whey hey, how lucky are we???).  Please visit the workshop page to check out any of these events, I promise to add extra details where necessary as final topics, dates and prices for some of these workshops are sorted out.

I also need to update all my links on this blog to include the wonderful selection of fibre and art related blogs I currently follow through Google Reader so please bear with me during this process, I follow a LOT of blogs!