Beautiful La Gomera

Only two more days to go and then Alan and I will be returning to Ireland from our relaxing holiday on La Gomera.  The last few days have been spent exploring the wonderful mountains and different terrains of this most fascinating and relatively unknown gem in the Canary Islands.  Stunning scenery, beautifully warm and clean water, fascinating desert terrain, rain forest, hiking in the World Heritage Site central region, never once the need to put on a jacket or fleece, fabulous (FABULOUS!!!) food and friendly people, all one would want for a relaxing break in one small package.  The most stressful aspect of the holiday are some of the less accessible roads, pictures to follow and then you can all see what I mean!  Our apartment (belonging to the sister of a friend of Carmen´s) is set high up over the Capital town San Sebastian and it is in the town that I have found a small internet shop and am quickly writting this post today.  My holiday inspired triangular freestyle scarf-wrap is almost finished and when we return home on Monday afternoon I promise to upload some photos of our time here and catch up with everything prior to my departure to US the following week!


Inspiration for a fun little holiday project

Yarns and inspiration for the Jane Thornley mini KAL

Alan and I are off at 2.30am for a short holiday break to beautiful La Gomera! This small Spanish island is a relativly unknown and unspoilt part of the Canaries and thanks to felting buddy Carmen we will be staying in an apartment belonging to her friend and meeting her brother who lives in the main town San Sebastian and runs a small local bar/restaurant. Obviously I will not be able to felt over the next week (and I am also not sure how much internet connectivity we will have) so earlier this morning I gathered an assortment of yarns together using pictures of La Gomera for inspiration and am intending on knitting a funky piece as part of the Jane Thornley triangular KAL on Ravelry. Hopefully I will find an internet cafe somewhere and be able to write a post or two while we are away but if not please forgive me in advance and I look forward to catching up when I return, hopefully bronzed, relaxed and raring to organise those last minute items prior to my departure for my American felting adventures!

Felt rug and another bag in the planning

You could be forgiven for thinking that I am doing NO felting at the moment if all you were doing was looking at my current Flickr photos!  In one sense it would be true because I am so totally wrapped up in my Golf Club duties at the moment that all I can do is collapse at the end of the evening after the prize giving ceremonies are over (to watch World Cup highlights with my freestyle knitting in hand) but in another it is not true at all.  While I am unwinding I am plotting and planning my newest felt bag design and waiting for the delivery of Icelandic wool to start the large rug that I have been commissioned to felt.  Last night I finished this Jane Thornley inspired ‘Frond’ knitted wrap and I have decided to felt an accompanying bag using some of the gorgeous yarns and sari ribbon to add surface detail and tie everything together. 

Wrapped like a cowl