Online workshop update

The last few days have passed in a whirlwind, I can’t begin to explain how happy and excited I am that the new online workshop ‘Eco printing, an intensive foundation for successful results‘ sold out in just about 36 hours. I’m humbled by the response and wish to thank each and every one of you who helped make this exciting new adventure a reality! I also want to apologise to those of you who wanted to join but didn’t manage to sign up before the magic number of 50 was reached, sorry. As a result of the intense interest and volume of emails I’ve subsequently been dealing with I’ve set up a new mailing list specifically to keep people informed in advance of subsequent offerings. Here’s the link for those of you who are interested! I’ll also be writing up some frequently asked questions and post them to the website, these will help explain how the online workshops will be delivered.




3 thoughts on “Online workshop update

  1. Arghhhhh! So disappointed to have missed this learning opportunity. House guests had me distracted from checking out emails and favorite blogs. This is one area in which I am super interested in learning about and there is nothing locally even close to the beautiful eco print work you do. I thought your last workshop in Ireland was so cool–the location, the lessons, the sightseeing and the lovely pieces produced…I would LOVE to attend one of those classes someday. I didn’t even know you had planned an online workshop. Somehow I missed reading about it. I hope you will offer another, and I will be able to participate.

    • Arghhhhh, I’m so sorry you missed a place on the workshop too!!! Amazingly, it filled up so quickly that my blog post actually was probably delivered to your inbox as the last few participants were signing up. Subscribe to me new mailing list and I’ll definitely announce the next sign up date (with all the relevant info) in advance of when you need to sign on the dotted line!

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