Felting, eco printing and notice of a competition!

I’ve been having a wonderful time at Clasheen these last few days, felting like crazy and then firing up the pot for my first eco printing session here since the beginning of April. It’s like a mini jungle outside at present, lucky then that many plants others consider ‘weeds’ give wonderful colour and interesting prints! Here’s a pictorial review of the dress I felted then printed with wild blackberry leaves (brambles), further down this post is an opportunity to win one of my eco printed wraps!

Using a Palm wash board to full the dress

Still wet but ready to print

I love the unbundling process!

V-neck to the front

Round neck to the back

And now for that competition, can you guess the vegetation I used for these prints???

Merino, silk, tencel and Firestar felted wrap

May be worn many ways

Shimmer from tencel and Firestar

Revealing the prints

Older leaves give more golden prints

To be in with a chance to win this piece please, please follow the instructions as written in this flyer, all comments to enter the draw need to be left on my Facebook business page but you don’t have to be a member to leave a comment. Good luck!













4 thoughts on “Felting, eco printing and notice of a competition!

  1. Hi Nicola!

    I’m sorry I’m no longer on facebook, so I can’t leave a comment there. But I think those leaves look like Dock leaves to me! I tried them once and was surprised that I got a subtle yellow-green print from them once.

    Still enjoying the wonderful things you make!! 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Marion Leibl


    • Hi Marion, I thought that even if you. Didn’t have an account you could view a public page, maybe I’m not correct! I’ll take it that you’ve commented on the page then and will do the same for anyone else who leaves a comment here.

  2. Hi Nicola, Is it dock leaves by any chance? Love your posts, From a fellow filter, Mary Cronin, sligo

    Sent from my iPad


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