Wonderful Portugal, a pictorial tale of two weeks……..

Two wonderful weeks have passed since I've been able to take time and update the blog from Portugal, it's now changeover day between the two felting and eco printing workshops so I'm grabbing the opportunity for a little internet activity. I've set myself up with a simple outdoor office, the Internet connection from the studio appears to work well on the roof so I can write in peace whilst enjoying the sun and views!

Week 1: The Joan Morris workshop 'stitched resist dyeing with ecology in mind' was definitely an eye opener, her work is both fascinating and incredibly beautiful. I learnt so much about natural dyeing and mordanting during the week that I hope to bring forward in some small way into my own textile practice. The following pictures share a fraction of the progress and some samples that I made.

Week 2: Some felting and eco printing images. Many congratulations to all the participants from the first workshop I facilitated, you were wonderful students as our exhibition last night clearly demonstrated!!!



2 thoughts on “Wonderful Portugal, a pictorial tale of two weeks……..

  1. Greetings from my new felt slippers! They have already become an indispensable part of my heating kit back in windy, grey UK! Thank you for a brilliant week. It was such wonderful fun. l learned a lot and am now peeling onions like a lunatic to do some more printing and felting here.
    I loved your teaching style and am trying to keep my foostering well under control!! Hope to see you again soon. XXX jen

    • Who knew that your slippers would come in handy just in time for the summer solstice Jen? Thanks for being such fun and a great student, make sure to shout out loud the next time you’re visiting Ireland!!! xx

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