Brief felt, eco print, website and Showcase Ireland update

I’ve not had much time to blog recently, please bear with me and don’t think that I’m not working quietly away at Clasheen! Here are the most recent updates in brief………..

Felting – finally, after a lot of hard work and frustrated sampling the large felt sculpture I’m currently working on is starting to take shape. It’ll be felted from merino and bamboo fibre, the bamboo adds wonderful sheen and texture to the surface of the felt.

Banana fibre gives an interesting sheen and texture to felt

Eco printing – I’ve had a lot of pots on the boil over the holiday season and since the new year. The contents have been mixed, a couple of small felt sculptural pieces, plenty of lovely super fine merino scarves and several batches of paper which I’m printing to incorporate into Showcase invitations.

Onion skins and black tea eco printed on paper

Patrick is working hard on the new website, I worked hard to write and collate a lot of the new information. The website should be live sometime next week, obviously I’ll post here as soon as it is but the blog will link to the new domain name anyway.
Showcase Ireland – A lot of my work is ready for Showcase but there’s also a lot more to do! I hadn’t fully appreciated how a lot of European companies closed down from before Christmas right through until after the new year. As a result I won’t have any of my new promotional material (with the new website details and new email address) for another few days, cushion liners are somewhere with the courier, silk is on its way, many things are in transit. I’m really excited that Philip Cushen of Cushendale Woollen Mill is weaving a run of lambswool for me this week too, I’ll print it at the weekend and Dorothy will stitch it into cushions at the beginning of next week.

One of the five varieties of eucalyptus planted at Clasheen

To round things off today I’ll leave you with a picture of eucalyptus leaves against a blue winter sky. This eucalyptus is one of five different varieties I have planted in a grove to the back of the house and I’m interested in the way the leaves have started to change colour, you can clearly see ribs and veins. The three trees of this variety have slso started to get tall so I’m thinking now I’ll have to curtail their growth sooner rather than later, if I don’t I’ll never be able to reach the leaves when I need them for printing!




5 thoughts on “Brief felt, eco print, website and Showcase Ireland update

  1. Was wondering if all eucalyptus leaves dye red? Or certain varities?
    Would love to try Ecco dying on my own and love your site! Have been following for a while! Thanks

    • Hi Jen, Not all the eucalyptus print red from my experimentation and some give no prints at all! They also appear to like a long boil and acidic conditions can help, vinegar in the water.

  2. Greetings from America ~ a lovely post ….
    I am curious about your eucalyptus and wonder if I might ask you to name the 5 varieties you’ve planted in your Irish garden? I live in a similar climate here in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state & it would be fun to mark your progress with them compared to some of the locals growing them here. Many thanks!

    • Ok Christi, The variety that has produced the most consistent results from my own garden is Eucalyptus Pauciflora ‘Baby Blue’ and the one pictured in the blog post is Eucalyptus Debeuzevillei ‘Jounama Gum’. This bigger leafed tree has not given a very strong print as yet although I have had some soft and interesting prints on wool. Because the season and age of the plant has such an effect on the results achieved I’ll be continuing my experiments with these and the other trees on an ongoing basis. I’ll not name the other varieties yet if you don’t mind, I want to do some more work with them myself first.

  3. Eco printing on paper?!!!! Oh, I must learn how to do that.
    Your eco prints come out with such distinct outlines. I have not been able to get that result. Your work is so lovely.

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