More Fantastic Nuno Felt Hats with Dawn Edwards!

I’m delighted to announce that Dawn will be teaching a second day of her ‘Fantastic Nuno Felt Hats in April, please click here to view the online class description and email me asap if you’d like to book your place!!! Just to remind you what one of Dawn’s nuno felt hats looks like here’s a picture.

emerald green and black felt cloche

emerald green and black felt cloche

Isn’t this an absolute beauty???

I’ll have a selection of goody bags available to purchase on both days, these will have a selection of stunning beaded, sequinned and printed silk to include in the hats so for those of you not having this in your stash, don’t panic!

3 thoughts on “More Fantastic Nuno Felt Hats with Dawn Edwards!

  1. Found you just now on Ravelry by way of Jane Thornley’s Frond! Would love to come to Ireland to do a felting workshop! Love those hats! I’m an Irish American on both sides of my family. I’m gushing I know. Do you ever come to the States? Let’s keep in touch. I have an artist sister who may be interested in coming. I’m an avid knitter who is also a flutist and I do water colors.

    • Hi Beth, sounds like we would get along very well! I’ll be teaching in the States in April/May next year and hope to get my venues sorted shortly and post to the blog. I’m also organising an Irish felting retreat for August and will be teaching a residential workshop in Portugal mid June time, choices, choices!!!

Please comment if you feel like it, I love the interactive nature of my blog!

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