Wrapped in felt

This week has had many ups and downs, very poor or no Internet connectivity and heating problems, yet again, have nearly proved to be my mental undoing! I can only apologise to those of you who may be waiting for an email or FB response to a question, sorry, I really hope that the broadband provider can get whatever is the problem sorted by the beginning of next week. The intention had been to upload a bunch of wraps and wall hangings to the new store, post upcoming. Irish workshops online and invoice participants for Dawn's fabulous nuno felt hat workshop, instead it's now half past eight tonight and I still haven't had a long enough connection to do so. C'est la vie! I'm not going to harp on about it any more because I might explode, instead, I'm going to post pictures of a few different ways to wear one of my shortest felt wraps, this one has a ruffle which may be worn either up or down.

Eucalyptus leaves from Co. Wicklow, rose leaves from my garden and blackberry leaves from the hedge up the lane!




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