First felt wrap of 2014!

Yesterday I felted then naturally printed my first wrap of 2014!

Over Christmas I had collected leaves and seed pods from a variety of different eucalyptus trees, it's fascinating to see how these are reacting with the different fabrics I'm currently printing on in advance of Showcase later in the month. I also used my old staples of onion skins and tea leaves for some of the silk scarves, it amazes me every time how these simple kitchen ingredients impart their colour onto the silk or felt. This wrap is not rinsed or ironed yet so no photos of the complete piece, I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you though to demonstrate how incredible the power of nature is! Doesn't this print remind you of a tree?





4 thoughts on “First felt wrap of 2014!

  1. How exciting to see your creative adventures of the New Year already blossoming. Eco-printing certainly looks addictive and those eucalyptus remind me of the smell of San Francisco (yes, know that they are Aussie).

    Wishing you much success at Showcase! It looks huuuuge and full of interesting work (and I only went through the fashion section – my, there are lots of milliners too).

    Perhaps it’s my not being in the ‘know’ for the UK (or anywhere else) but Ireland seems to better support its makers/artists with opportunities. The pop-up shop of craftspeople in your mall @ Christmas being another example of good exposure.

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