Exciting news and the studio upgrade continues

My exciting news today is that I've booked a stand at Showcase 2014, the premier creative Irish expo of the year. Preparation time is going to be tight as the event takes place from 19th to 22nd January, never let it be said that I don't like working under pressure, countdown starts tonight!

Today I made a final trip to Ikea and collected the shelving units I've been waiting for plus another 88 clear plastic boxes, whew, at last I think that I might have got the studio revamp sussed. Rex is not so impressed however, here he is supervising the unloading of the truck tonight, totally switched off might be a better description!

Early in the morning I'm going to start boxing the last of my felting and natural printing supplies then at 10am my friend George is arriving. We're going to paint the studio then in the evening I'll have the fun of assembling the Besta units before I attach them securely to the walls. I'm also planning on loading the truck with rubbish and recycling tomorrow, on Thursday then we'll have a clear run replacing all the filled plastic boxes and adding the final touches to my new space. I can't wait!!!







3 thoughts on “Exciting news and the studio upgrade continues

  1. I am feeling every word of your renovation description NIcola. At the end my comment was “Phew”! You’ll still be a star at the Expo – Showcase 2014. Looking forward to photos (no pressure).

  2. Oh, my….you do indeed love to work under pressure 😉 Do send me a supply of the vitamins that you’re taking.

    Tell George (and of course Rex, too) ‘hello’ from me….I can just picture all of you in action. I know that in addition to the work, that you’ll have lots of laughs, too. Can’t wait to see photos of the updated studio space.

    Hope you’re having a great day.

    Big hugs,

  3. Doesn’t it feel sooo good to do a big purge and reorganize? It will be just the energetic boost you need to get through Christmas and meet your January deadline. Of course my Shanni knows Rex is keeping a close eye on things 🙂

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