Having fun at the Glucksman!

I had a lovely weekend filled with fun, friends and plenty of selling. Thanks to the Lewis Glucksman Gallery and their friendly, professional staff for hosting a wonderful craft fair, hope to see you all next year! Here's a picture taken by one of their guys, I think that the smiles say it all.
I'm pretty exhausted now and relaxing in my B&B, thanks Emma and Ariane for being such fun and willing partners in crime!



4 thoughts on “Having fun at the Glucksman!

  1. Hi Nicola, I met you at the Glucksman on Sat morning with my Mum who bought one of your scarves- I think she gave you my card- I work in porcelain. (Sara Roberts) Anyhow I was wondering if you have any chiffon scarves left? if so we would like to purchase one as a gift- any chance you could take a photo and email a selection to me? (Purpleish hues)Thanks a mil and glad to hear you had a good fair, Sara

    • Hi Sara, yes, I remember you and your mum! Thanks for your message, I’ve just arrived home now and will take some pictures as soon as I unpack properly and email them to you. Off the top of my head I’ve two chiffon scarves in purplish hues, one has a small bit of chartreuse too!

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