Stunning Mendocino!

Merridee and I had a lovely time in Mendocino, staying and socialising with friends Susan and Dale by night and felting with a lovely group of ladies by day! Working with participants who have different experience levels is always good fun and interesting, a stunning array of purses, jewellery and nuno wraps were created over the course of the three days and I also had time to discuss design ideas more extensively with one of the experienced felters, hi Flo! I really enjoyed myself watching as each project progressed and I think you'll see from this photo rich post how everyone seems to be happy with their felt, not to mention laughing and relaxing while spending creative time felting together. Thanks Merridee for all your expert help and thanks Susan and Dale for your fun and generous hospitality!

Merridee, Flo, Patty, Sasha, Zanna and me
Flo, Sasha and Zanna
Patty and Merridee
Sasha's lovely felt beads work brilliantly brilliantly with this fused glass bead that she made

Zanna's fabulous first nuno felt wrap includes silk from two saris that her father gave as a gift to her mother


Flo, Patty, Sasha and Zanna

I love this picture of Patty, Sasha and Zanna hamming it up for the camera! One final shot for today, Merridee and I joined Susan and Dale for a walk after class one evening, what better way to end the day thank watching the sun set than with friends, wine, cheese, olives and beer!!!



3 thoughts on “Stunning Mendocino!

  1. Oh, just rub it in….all of the fun that you’re having 😉 Beautiful sunsets, surrounded by all of those creative feltmakers….wine, chesse, friends…Life is good!

    I love, love, love Sasha’s necklace….Stunning! And, what a treasure Zanna’s nuno wrap is, having been made with such special pieces. Well, I could go on and on as I love all of the gorgeous creations, but I’ll close for now as it’s getting late. Thanks so much for keeping us posted on your travels and teachings. It’s great following along.

    Big hugs,

  2. All the wraps are beautiful! I love following your blog. I would like to do a Nuno wrap, what dimensions would I be looking at?

  3. Looks like you all had an amazing time and your creations are just beautiful ladies. Thanks for sharing Nicola.
    Hope that one day I will be able to be a part of one of your wonderful workshops.
    Cheers, Marilyn

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