Wonderful participants from Lake Tahoe and last minute accommodation available at Mendocino!

Merridee, Keith and I have just returned from our action packed felting and natural printing retreat at Lake Tahoe so I'm finally online again after an Internet blackout for the last week. It's going to take me days to recoup and catch up with things but I really wanted to post a picture of our wonderful participants to whet your appetite for more to follow!

From left to right, modelling their first completed nuno felted and printed scarves………. Mariou, Lupe, Julie (kneeling), Leslie, Patty and Tina, great job everyone!!!
There's one room unexpectedly available at the Mendocino Art Center for the three day felting extravaganza this coming weekend (I'm staying with friends of Merridee's therefore the room they had reserved for me is free!) so if anyone is debating considering joining us and felting like crazy, now is the time to shout out loud!



5 thoughts on “Wonderful participants from Lake Tahoe and last minute accommodation available at Mendocino!

  1. Hey Nicola, are you staying with Susan and Dale? if so, tell them hello. They live in the most beautiful woodland home outside of Fort Bragg. Deer run through the yards and woods there all the time. It is amazing to see 5 or 6 of them leap across the road in front of you, like in a silent movie and kind of slow motion. Have fun…

    • Yes Cassandra, you’ve guessed correctly so I’ll be sure to say hi for you! I’m looking forward to meeting both Dale and Susan, it’s really lovely of them to host me and Merridee especially when I’ve never actually met them before!!!

  2. Hi Nicola, I wish I had known about the Lake Tahoe workshop! I was in Lake Tahoe and would have loved to take it. How do I go about getting on a schedule list? Your work is wonderful!

    • Hi Renee, sorry we missed you last time, the retreat booked out almost as soon as we posted it. Merridee and I actually hope to organise another retreat in CA next year plus I’ll be hosting my own residential retreat in Ireland towards the end of August, dates to be confirmed. I’ll also be teaching a residential workshop in Portugal from 14th to 21st June if your interested in travelling!!! The absolute best way to get this sort of info from me is to sign up to email notifications from the blog, I don’t actually have a mailing list just for teaching info. Thanks for your interest!

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