Preparing for the future…….

These days I seem to be doing a lot of preparation, all good! I'm…..

  • felting, naturally printing and gathering samples for my upcoming retreat with Merridee at Lake Tahoe and the felt/printing workshops in Vancouver and Winnipeg
  • prepring for a three day felting extravaganza at the Mendocino Arts Center (I think there may be a couple of spots left in this one, details on the workshop page) and planning an interesting vessel with handles to bring to same
  • wondering how much colder it'll be in Vancouver and Winnipeg than CA and trying to work out what I'll need to pack for my trip!
  • clarifying exactly where I envisage the main sales side of my business to move towards during 2014 and 2015
  • continuing to experiment with natural printing and dyeing to extend my range of skills
  • working on my packaging materials so that I have a really nice range of gift boxes complete with naturally printed gift tags in time for the Glucksman Craft Fair at the beginning of November
  • starting to wash and finish scarves that I've printed over the last month or so, I need to deliver more to the design shop at Duckett's Grove as happily they seem to be a hit with the visitors

All this is in addition to the usual teaching, market and DG so yes, it's busy here at Clasheen! Here's a picture of some new gift tags drying (prior to ironing) followed by a shot of a printed woven wall hanging fresh out of the dye pot today.




7 thoughts on “Preparing for the future…….

  1. Hi Nicola,

    I live on Vancouver Island, just across from Vancouver. I saw your note on weather. In October, it can/usually is wet and rainy. Being right on the coast, it is also somewhat windy or breezy. You will want to pack layers for your clothing. Although the temperature is usually around 8-14 degrees Celsius, depending on the time of the day of course, it feels damp and chilly. A light scarf and gloves really extend warmth in your wardrobe without taking up a lot of space. Think about a few light layers and something windproof that can endure the rain. You should be fine then. I wish that I were around during that time but look forward to this being one of many trips (I hope) for you.


    • Thanks a million Tracy, it sounds a lot like Ireland!!! I’m trying to sort out my clothes, samples and supplies as I go along, I don’t want to bring too much with me as I. Like to pick up items as I travel (I’m thinking Goodwill trips and fabric stores!), I definitely don’t want to be cold either. Hope to see you next time!

  2. Wow Nicola, your natural printing is stunning! I see that you and Dawn Edwards are doing a lot of it lately, as well as another felting hero of mine, Tash Wesp. I am so very eager to learn these techniques but am not able to attend any classes this year or next. Do you think you will ever write one a book on the process or offer a text or DVD tutorial on it? If you are considering it add me to the list of interested buyers! Thanks for your blog and all you share – you are such an inspiration to me 😀

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