Canadian workshop update and cotinus, a picture of the shrub!

I'm so excited, this Canadian adventure is really going to happen this autumn!!! Hopefully we'll have workshop descriptions and venue details sorted today or tomorrow but for those of you leaving comments and sending me messages the first workshop will be in Langley BC on Thursday 3rd October then I'll travel on to teach in the Manitoba region for the weekend. We're planning a felting workshop on Saturday 5th and a natural printing/dyeing workshop on Sunday 6th, I'm SO thrilled that this will actually be happening, all my friends tell me that Canada is a magical country to travel to!!! Obviously I'm not going to have a bundle of time to explore on this trip, if everything goes well however hopefully this will just be the first of many visits. As soon as I have the finalised details I'll post both here and on Facebook, do please let me know if you'd like the organisers to get in contact so you can reserve a place!

Now on to the cotinus. Here's a picture of the shrub in my garden (not a great shot but you get the idea), it's the purple leaved plant on the left of the picture………

……. and here's a close up of the prints it imparts on top of my recent nuno felt jacket This side is silk covered merino for those of you who've been asking for more details!



9 thoughts on “Canadian workshop update and cotinus, a picture of the shrub!

    • Thanks Deb, the cotinus is amazing now that I’ve got the hand of this natural printing and I’m SO excited to be adding Canada to my workshop list!

  1. Yaay a natural dyer coming to Canada! I’d really hope to come to one of those! I’m in Ontario, so hopefully I’ll try to come to the Manitoba one. Please keep updates :0

  2. You’ll be in Canada on Felt United day. Great that you’ll be felting, sharing, and uniting 😉

    Could I be a pest and ask just one more question on the Cotinus prints….Did you mordant your wool/silk first or soak the leaves first? I love the prints that you created….Gorgeous!!!!

    Hope that you’re having a great day!

    • Hi Dawn, I know, it’ll be a big FeltUnited celebration in Winnipeg that day!!! I soaked the jacket in a strong vinegar solution then dipped the leaves is rusty water, that’s it! X

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  3. I am really interested in the Manitoba workshops – once the details are sorted could you have the organiziers reserve a space for me. My contact information is patdixie at

    I am excited to be really close to taking a course with you.

    • Wonderful Pat, I’ve cc’d this message to Margaret so she’ll give you a ring to sort out the details!!! I hope to have the info online by tomorrow. See you very soon! X Nicola

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