Fabulous time felting in Portugal!

I'm having a fabulous time facilitating my second felting residential holiday in Portugal, it's been wonderful meeting up with returning participants and welcoming new faces to join in the fun! We're a very international bunch, three Americans, one Swedish participant via Cuba, two English participants via Spain, one English participant via the UK, one Portuguese participant and one participant all the way from Hong Kong!!! Karin, owner of our beautiful venue Domino Vale do Mondego also joined us to felt today as did local girls Vanessa and Carla.

I've managed to felt a couple of pieces myself too and at the moment they're bundled with eucalyptus and oak, bubbling away on the cooker ready to be removed in a couple of hours time. For now though I've got my feet up and am just waiting for the call to dinner, the food and drink is divine as always, pics of the felt completed to date tomorrow, I promise!!!



1 thought on “Fabulous time felting in Portugal!

  1. Great to see you with your feet up and relaxing…That doesn’t happen too often 😉

    So glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time in beautiful Portugal….wish I were there with all of you. Can’t wait to see more photos and hear all about it.

    Big hugs,

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