Home again, home again, jigiddy jig……..

I'm finally home again after a long delay ridden trip. Thanks to all my lovely friends who left me comments and private messages on Facebook, please excuse me if I haven't replied or liked each one individually but it's full steam ahead here today and I'm teaching (14 or 15 ladies!) from tomorrow morning onwards! At this stage I’ve unpacked about half my stuff and washed all the new linen and cotton jackets, shirts and skirts etc. that I picked up during those fun, high octane, silk seeking thrift store excursions with Dawn, Sue, Shirley, Jan, Kevin and Sharon!!!

I couldn't believe how many new garments (complete with tags) in natural fibres that I found on these trips, some to naturally dye and others to actually wear myself. They included a gorgeous silk top, a long sleeveless linen dress, several linen jackets and some amazing silk formal dresses. Anyway, enough of the writing for now, in brief……….

  • I had a MARVELLOUS time in MI, KY and CA and promise to finish blogging about the workshops and upload pictures sometime over this coming weekend!
  • the weather here is beautiful at Clasheen today
  • my washing is drying on the line
  • I've some silk scarves and tops ready for the dye pot
  • I need to finish off some of the new pieces I printed/dyed last week in order to submit them for a pop up shop/exhibition tomorrow
  • I'm cooking lamb chops, new potatoes and making a salad for supper tonight, Leiko is coming
  • Later I'm checking that the truck will start then delivering some stuff to a friend
  • Finally tonight I'll pack the truck for my workshop in the morning




4 thoughts on “Home again, home again, jigiddy jig……..

  1. My goodness Nicola you are busy! Hope you get chance to put your feet up and enjoy being home :). Love the photo of your dog in the garden (which looks soooo pretty), he looks happy to have you home.
    Lucky you finding all those natural fibre goodies in charity shops! Its all synthetic rubbish round here I’m afraid.

  2. Good heavens, that’s quite the list that you ticked off !!!!! Come back and get some rest. Your room is all ready 😉

    Love the photo of Rex.

    Catherine and I stopped by the Salvation Army store this afternoon and guess what? I qualify for the senior citizen discount, for those 55 and up….25% off my total order!!!!! Isn’t that so exciting…so happy to be a senior citizen!

    Hope you get a great night’s rest . Fingers crossed that your vehicle starts right up in the morning.

    Big hugs,

  3. Rex is so relax and happy to have you home. He doesn’t know you’re about on the road again ! After every trip you loaded with fabulous ideas. Can’t wait to learn from you. Have good rest these days.

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