Lexington and the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, here I come!

I've got a little lay over at Chicago Airport on my way to Blue Grass, Lexington so thought I might write a short blog post and upload it later when I have an Internet connection. My wonderful stay with Dawn in Plainwell Michigan is over, our two day felting and printing/dyeing workshop was a blast, I spent such fun time with friends and once again I had a BRILLIANT time, thanks so much Dawn and Morry for having me!!! Now I'm en route to stay with Jan and Bruce, great friends and always a hoot to stay with too, I'm really looking forward to catching up with them later tonight!

This weekend I'm teaching at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival then next weekend it's the workshops that Jan is organising and running. These have always been great fun and Jan is a master at putting on a super lunch too, there are a couple of places left so if you'd like to join us please don't forget to email Jan or pick up the phone!!! Tomorrow we'll head over to the festival grounds and check out the space I've been given to teach in for the festival, last year there was plenty of room but not too many tables so fingers crossed well have enough for the classes. On Saturday I'm teaching nuno felt scarves/neck pieces working with alpaca locks, silk and fabulous embellishments, on Sunday I'll be teaching felt flowers. I'm really looking forward to catching up with both Roo Kline and Elizabeth Taylor tomorrow too, they're sponsoring the fibre and embellishments on Saturday via their business 'Alpaca Fiber Solutions' and I'll definitely be buying some of their deliciously dyed materials to bring home to Ireland myself.

Next week Jan and I will be doing some natural printing and dyeing together to check out the local flora and fauna, on Thursday evening I'll be facilitating this topic at a private workshop so fingers crossed we'll find some interesting plants or dried material to work with! I'll leave you now with a picture I love of Dawn taken at our last lunch today, she's wearing one of her Nuno felt scarves which she dyed during the workshop last Saturday and its closed with one of Anne Murphy's (Eala Enamels) wonderful enamel brooches. A little bit of America meets a little bit of Ireland!



4 thoughts on “Lexington and the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, here I come!

  1. Oh, Nicola, I surely do miss you…Seems so quiet here tonight. I’m so glad that you make this yearly pilgrimage and I’m looking forward to a trip to Ireland in the not to distant future …. Can’t wait! Perhaps I could pick up a few more of Anne’s beautiful brooches while there…I love mine! Thank you for the wonderful gift….You picked the perfect one for me.

    Rest well tonight after your full day.

    Big hugs,

  2. Thanks for a fabulous workshop, Nicola! It was great fun and I’ve been having the best time with the new ALUMINIUM pot that you found for me at Goodwill!!! Got some lovely prints from rose leaves yesterday, along with red & yellow onion skins. Can’t wait to do more. I will send photos of my bag made at the workshop when it is completed – might send them before I even get the lining in!!! I am JAZZED by the way it turned out! Can’t wait ’til your visit next year!
    xxx Sue

  3. I am itching to find an al-U-min-i-um pot to dye in after taking your class and I’m totally REVVED to do lots more felting after being able to learn so much in your class! Enjoy the festival in Kentuk and I’ll be looking forward to any photos you post of your upcoming workshops – they are so inspiring.

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