Inspiring patterns from the sky!

Unfortunately I didn't react quickly enough and switch on my iPad in time to take the most breathtaking picture of a gigantic frozen lake as we flew over Newfoundland en route to Chicago. I did however get it together and snap a couple of shots a few minutes later, this picture makes me just itch to create a piece of felt inspired by the beautiful patterns of snow, ice, mountains and forest!

So far my journey on this first leg of my US adventure has been very calm and trouble free, currently I'm nearing Chicago where I change planes for Kalamazoo. Obviously by the time I upload this post I'll have arrived at Plainwell, MI but I'm going to be chatting and catching up for hours and hours and hours with Dawn so I thought I'd get ahead of the game and write now!!! I'm finding it difficult to sleep because I'm so excited to almost be there, four weeks of great friends, felt, food and fun, what more could any felter ask for? Obviously I may not get to blog every day while I'm away but I know I'll be uploading photos like blazes to Facebook so you can keep in touch with all the activities in real time if you so choose.



3 thoughts on “Inspiring patterns from the sky!

  1. Hello Nicola
    From where I sit I can only welcome you back to ‘North America’, but I am looking forward to your photos of work accomplished over the next days. I think the gigantic lake you mentioned is probably the Meelpaeg Reservoir; I surely hope Newfoundland thaws soon and hope the same for mid-northern Canada all the way through Alberta. It’s been a ridiculous winter challenging even for us.
    We should be in touch to find out how to bring you to Atlantic Canada.
    Thanks for sharing so much of your work on FB too.
    ~ Janet

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