Interesting combination of hard and soft!

I'm really a felter and only a felter! However, I do love the combination of other materials with hand made felt and up to now have always bought my beads, buttons and findings from others who are skilled in the art of making them.


I don't have time to write properly today but here're two pics, an experimental Fimo ring and felt/Fimo pendant I've just finished making, I'm thrilled! Finally I think that I've found a medium I can have fun with and that I will be able to use to design unique organic shapes for my own closures and other bits and bobs.

I used a wonderful online tutorial from Ronna Sarvas Weltman (search for it on YouTube) to learn how to create the textured pod shape for the pendant and then fell totally in love with Melanie West's jewellery, often inspired by nudibranches believe it or not! Kathleen Dunstin is another artist to watch, stunning work. Thanks to polymer clay experts and friends Liga and Sharon for your help (Valg Studio and The Bead and Button Emporium respectively on Facebook) and encouragement, I think I'm going to have great fun. The only thing I'll have to be careful of is if I decide to use super glue to attach the centre to another pod, I nearly stuck my hands together but couldn't wait until I had sourced a different glue, I wanted to see the finished piece






8 thoughts on “Interesting combination of hard and soft!

  1. I totally agree with you Nicola…..I already ordered ronna’s book to be able to play with ideas. I already have a pasta maker from doing it a long time ago and a toaster oven…so I am set to start playing with making buttons etc. Love what you did……..


  2. So I would really recommend a two part epoxy adhesive for jewellery. An epoxy will work with loads of different material and generally gives an excellent bond. You can buy one that dries clear, I recommend the red label Araldite unlike the superglue which is cloudy. Also if you know where you placing the two pieces together leave a slight rough texture on the fimo and it create a stronger bond. Also they have like a few minutes grace from mixing to use

  3. Those are nice! Ariane’s suggestion is a good one. Epoxies have different working times, so a five minute epoxy will allow you to place the parts exactly in the right spot, as opposed to cyanoacrylate. The strength is in the medium, not in the glue itself; more epoxy does not equal a stronger joint.

    You must have more hours in the day than we have here in Texas. From here it looks like a whirlwind of felting, dyeing, marketing, and now polymer clay!

  4. Very nice combination of wool and polymar clay. I did wool and ceramic combination before but found making ceramics takes steps and long time. Polymer clay will be a great design with wool. The pendant is pretty.

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