Beautiful swirly felt beads

Yet again I've deleted a post before uploading it from my iPad, I'll get the hang of this Blogsy yet but until then….. darn! What I wanted to share today is a picture of the beautiful felt beads made this morning by my group of parents at the VEC in Carlow. This was our third and penultimate session, next week Nuno felt samples. I'm SO impressed with how productive these ladies have proved to be, our co-ordination Marie has generously allowed participants to bring fibre home to practice with so some amazing pieces have been felted over the last three weeks. After our final session we're going to take pictures of the full body of work, I think that you'll all be amazed how much has been created! For now, here's a picture of todays beautiful swirly beads.



4 thoughts on “Beautiful swirly felt beads

    • These beads make wonderful buttons Jen, just dip them in a dilute solution of PVA or white glue after you rinse out the soap to make them stronger, careful not to have the glue too strong otherwise you’ll need an angle grinder to do anything with them! Maybe stitch a jump ring onto the back BEFORE you stiffen them and in that way they’re easy to use as buttons.

  1. Hi, they’re lovely. I’ve made these a few time but I always struggle to cut them precisely. I’ve tried sawing them, craft knife, electric knife, scissors,……. Please tell me what you use?! Thanks, xx

    • Hi Helen, apologies and the slow response! I find that an extremely sharp large scissors )I use Fiskars) works best for me, not 100% every time but the best of everything that I’ve tried. Some epode freeze their felt and they find that easier to cut, I’ve never tried it due to issues with space in the freezer! Good luck.

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