Another marathon day is underway

The day has gone pretty quickly to date. I was under a little pressure to get set up at Mount Juliet, possibly because I needed to make some fresh cranberry salsa to send home with Alan as well as catch the bank before coming here. It’s also Alan’s birthday today and tonight’s the last night we’ll see each other until the new year so loads to do and almost NO time to get it done in! Anyway, I changed a little of our display here and now all we need are customers to arrive.

Emma manned a joint stand at Borris this morning as we didn’t want regular visitors to miss us for the last market of the year. I don’t know yet how that went, hopefully better than last week though!


2 thoughts on “Another marathon day is underway

  1. Its a good thing that it will be christmas hollydays soon-your tempo is quite impressing. Love to you ,your mother and Alan- padding for Rex.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Annette and Benny

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes to Alan! Hope that you had a wonderful celebration and were able to relax and unwind a bit while eating birthday cake 😉

    Fingers crossed that sales were fantastic!

    Big hugs,

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