Duckett’s Grove update and more display ideas

It was incredibly cold at Duckett’s Grove this weekend, not surprising since I discovered a 2″ gap with no glass in one of the window frames in the back wall and a smaller gap above the other window too. Don’t even ask how I didn’t see these before, it’s to do with the old window fittings and I had  to climb up high before it became possible to feel the gaps. You can’t actually see them at all from the ground but you sure can feel the results. Following on from this discovery I’ve decided to spend next weekend at Clasheen felting instead of freezing my —– off, I need to get more stock made before the Christmas Fair on 9th so this seems like to best soloution until the council get some new windows fitted or an additional seal of some description.

This evening I splashed out and ordered a pop up banner with stand to match my new tent cards (folded business cards) as well as a Christmas style sign from Vistaprint. I can’t afford to waste the pennies so I’m definitely hoping that they’ll add to my display this festive season, I also want customers to both see my stand and remember my name! Here’re some pics with the relevant links if anyone else is thinking of updating their display materials.


Please comment if you feel like it, I love the interactive nature of my blog!

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