Beautiful skies for an exciting morning!!!

The sky was stunning over Clasheen this morning, a good omen I think for the exciting journey great friend Dawn Edwards and I have just embarked on!!! Last night the inspirational Elis Vermeulen and Cynthia Reynolds handed over the reins of FeltUnited to Dawn and me, whew, it’s a BIG responsibility. We hope to continue their amazing work uniting felters around the world, please bear with us while we catch our breath and get our feet on solid ground!

Early morning sky at Clasheen

Check out Elis’s wonderful video and last post on the FeltUnited website, we say thanks again and wish her and Cynthia a very happy and creative retirement!!!


6 thoughts on “Beautiful skies for an exciting morning!!!

  1. Good evening partner 😉 So happy to be working with you on such a fantastic project. I’m so thankful to Elis and Cynthia for giving us this opportunity and can’t wait to get our feet wet. In fact, I may just call you right now ;-))

    Big hugs,

  2. Congratulations Nicola! I honestly don’t know how you have time to do everything that you do – I’d need a Harry Potter time turner to get anywhere near.. you must be so organised!

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