New display ideas in practice…..

I tried out a couple of new display ideas at Borris Food and Craft market this morning based on some of the recent research I’ve been doing. Definitely having a well stocked stand has made a difference, it’s almost too full compared to my usual minimalist style and I find it a mental struggle to have so much stock on display, it does seem to work however when it comes to attracting the customers!

All set up and ready to trade

Raising my table (on bed risers bought with Dawn during my MI sojurn) proved quite interesting, I liked the fact that my felt was more accessible and the small table that I placed in front of the main display added another dimension to the effect.

Logs as hat display stands

Finally for today, I LOVED the logs I positioned my two new hats on, why I’ve never thought of these as a display stand before I just don’t know!!! If you’d like to see these pictures in a bigger size just head on over to my personal Facebook page (link on the right), there are a few more showing different aspects too.


2 thoughts on “New display ideas in practice…..

  1. I rescued an old curvy bentwood coat/hat rack headed for oblivion. It’s just great for hanging lots of scarves from — in a way that encourages prospective customers to reach out and touch. And it takes up very little floor space.

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