Time is flying and an odd sort of premonition proves well founded!

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly this week has flown. It’s Thursday evening now and I’m trying to prepare for Borris Food and Craft Market in the morning as well as a busy weekend ahead at Duckett’s Grove. I’ve got a hen party booked on Saturday morning, that’ll be fun as we’re felting flowers which will then be used at the wedding ceremony I think! Interestingly enough I’ve also got a child’s birthday party booked for later in November, I think that felting’s a great idea for a creative gathering, what nicer than to get your hands soapy and try out a new craft with friends?

This morning I should have headed to Dublin and the Knitting and Stitching Show, from last night onwards I had a really edgy feeling and for some reason this morning just had to act on it and not drive the 2 hours up to the event. I can’t explain to you why I didn’t think it was a good idea to go, I look forward to this major textile show all year and right up until yesterday evening was really anticipating all the lovely goodies I’d snap up, exhibitions I’d visit and the friends I’d meet and have a natter with. Anyway, someone was looking after me because Carmen rang late in the morning to say that there were major problems for some reason, it took half an hour queueing in the cold to get inside, the venue was packed and horror of horrors, no credit card machines would work and all the ATM machines were not functioning either due to some computer glitch or other. Whew, I’m so glad I didn’t travel because I was not going to bring any cash with me, instead I was going to just use my card and therefore have a good paper trail for my accountant to follow next tax return time!

Voluntarily confined to Clasheen, I did manage to finish felting two nuno scarves incorporating naturally printed/dyed silk, work on a new design for a short silk rich scarf (not 100% happy with the two I felted yet) and make a soft prototype cowl (I am happy with this design) which I will bring to the market tomorrow although I am tempted to keep it for myself! I’ve also got 6 silk chiffon scarves ready to bundle and a pile of eucalyptus leaves soaking in a vinegar/water solution in the kitchen, I’ll get these going shortly then head upstairs for a nice hot bath!


5 thoughts on “Time is flying and an odd sort of premonition proves well founded!

  1. I firmly believe in listening to your instincts – and you were proved right in so doing.
    It’s a lovely idea to felt the flowers for the wedding at the hen party!

  2. Well, Clasheeen, they were right about the crowds, though it did calm down after lunch. I understand it wasnt so bad Friday and Sunday. The first day is always crowded.
    The ATMs were fixed within an hour or so and if you want to avoid the long queue to get in, simply book and pay for your ticket on their website (Twistedthread.co.uk.) . They post it out and hey presto… you just walk in (as I did). I do hope it didn’t put you off going altogether. It would take world war 3 to stop me personally …..cheers

    • Because I was working in Duckett’s Grove on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I wasn’t able to get to the K&S this year at all Helena. When I was teaching in the US last month I had brought home some really interesting supplies from The Tin Thimble, if I hadn’t I would have jogged to Dublin if necessary!!!

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