A busy weekend ends and another active week is underway…..

My busy bank holiday long weekend ended yesterday night and today I was back in the thick of things with the second session in another series of felting workshops with Borris Active Retirement. The weather’s been much colder here over the last few days too and unfortunately on Friday evening my Rayburn (large oil fired range) decided to throw a bit of a wobbly and I had to turn it off as I didn’t want to succumb to carbon monoxide poisioning. Anyway, all is well that ends well, it had a service today and now I’m nice and snug again this evening. I am thinking however that I really must hang my usual duvet covers at the front door and study entrance for the wiinter, it’s only going to get colder and draftier from now on and there’s no point in working and living in a cold, drafty house.

Jessie was an extremely worthy winner of the Halloween fancy dress at Duckett’s Grove on Sunday (picture of the full outfit on ‘The Courtyard at Duckett’s Grove’ facebook page), here she is paying a visit to my studio just prior to the judging, well done Jessie!!!

ImageI did get quite a few new bracelets and chokers made over the weekend, tomorrow I hope to get a clear run with no distractions and have a good, long, satisfying felting day. My plan is to create a whole load of scarves, wish me luck and no distractions please, I really need to knuckle down and get more work felted asap!


5 thoughts on “A busy weekend ends and another active week is underway…..

  1. Hello Nicola, I’m in love with your colours, textures, scarves and bolos. Is there any way I could purchase anything that is available, and how do I find out what is available and pricing? Please say yes!!!


    • Aaffien, thanks for your lovely comment and of course you can buy something from me if I have it in stock! Just let me know what you might be interested in (scarves, bolos, wraps or whatever) and I can email you prices and pictures. If you want to email me directly my address is clasheen@gmail.com

      • Thanks Nicola, I did e-mail you ( aaffien@hotmail.com ) waiting for your photos and price list. Just wondering if you saw my e-mail, or perhaps and I’m sure you’re very busy.
        Just let me know briefly that you got my e-mail, I can be patient. Thanks again


  2. Hi again Aaffien, yes I did get your email thanks and I have just been photographing some of my pieces this afternoon. I don’t have internet access at Duckett’s Grove and my home connection was down all yesterday so that’s why I haven’t had a chance to get back to you with the pics. I’ll email them now and we can discuss if you want better images or these are OK.

    • thanks, I’m going up north to our cottage so will have a look tomorrow, thanks so much, no hurry though Nicola


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