‘Watch out The Tin Thimble’, here I come plus a couple more pics from Rami’s intensive felting workshop!!!

I just can’t believe that I need to get packed, have a bath and leave for ‘The Tin Thimble’ in Loomis via Dublin in the space of 1 hour and 5 minutes, my targeted tod (time of departure)!!!

Three dimensional wet felted samples

I’ve been totally crazy this morning trying to check my ESTA status (Visa requirements), travel insurance, boarding passes, long term car park, catch up with emails and online stuff as well as get two loads of washing into the machine and dried in time to pack, CRAZY!!!!!

Rami headed up to the airport last night after another busy day felting and discussing suppliers etc., I’m uploading a couple of pics here but I’m sure you can appreciate I don’t have a minute left in which to write a longer post. I really enjoyed out time together, he’s a very creative designer and now I’m so looking forward to seeing the window displays he puts together for the winter season. They’re due to be unveiled at the beginning of December and I love the fact that they will be based around textile art prmiarily using wool as a raw material!

Now I’m off to the studio to load up some felting supplies, tools and samples, watch out Emma, Sharon, Lisa and Mark, Tin Thimble here I come!!!

Shibori felted using short fibre merino


3 thoughts on “‘Watch out The Tin Thimble’, here I come plus a couple more pics from Rami’s intensive felting workshop!!!

  1. Small world. I just had dinner with Carin Engin (felter extraordinare and Auntie to the Tin Thimble) after the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby Oregon. I was telling her about this great felter from Ireland…

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