Reflections on our open evening at Duckett’s Grove and workshops next weekend

The sun finally shone yesterday evening so after a long day preparing and tidying up it was very pleasant for us artist makers to relax, have a chat to visitors and explain what we’re up to in the courtyard at Duckett’s Grove. Thanks to all my friends old and new who travelled to help us celebrate our new venture and thanks Marion Byrne for the wonderful gift of some Jacob’s fleece, much appreciated!!! The evening was actually quieter than I expected but the bonus was that as makers we were able to have a proper conversation with our visitors and not be dashing around like headless chickens all the time. I’d also set up a few laid out but unfelted flowers on one of my tables. This proved a good idea because no matter how many times I explain to people what wet felting entails it’s only when they can see and touch the raw materials beside the finished piece that the process becomes a little easier to understand and visualise.

Next Saturday I’ve a beginners and improvers full day workshop taking place between 10am and 4pm and on Sunday there are 2 places left in the afternoon for a fun felt flower workshop. Please email me if you are interest in attending and having some fun creative time!


3 thoughts on “Reflections on our open evening at Duckett’s Grove and workshops next weekend

  1. Actually sounds like a very nicely paced event, the being able to talk without feeling hurried. Thanks so much for that headless chicken image as I’m eating my breakfast….will help to keep that calorie consumption in check;-)))

    Lucky you…what a fantastic present….the Jacob’s fleece! I actually have some in my trunk….my newest storage compartment;-))) Here’s to tidying and organizing;-)))

    Hope that you’re enjoying the start of your week.

    Big hugs,

  2. You’re correct Dawn, it was a very nicely paced evening, the more I think of it the happier I am! Unfortunately you must have learnt that storage trick from me when you were over here, the whole back of my pick up truck if usually totally taken over by stuff!!!

  3. It was really pity that I missed the evening! I’ve never thought of the headless chicken! You always talk to everyone with accuracy and I love the way you present the felt making to everybody like the way you left the unfelted flower on the table! Hope more people will visit Duckett’s Grove! Leiko

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