‘Helping Herd’ collaged wrap and you’re invited to a studio and tea rooms open night at Duckett’s Grove

Yesterday I spent time felting a large nuno collage wrap, this was my contribution to the Helping Herd fundraiser which actually took place earlier in the summer.

Nuno collage ready to felt

The winning bidder (thanks Janet for being so patient!) likes purples, pinks, blues and cool based tones so I gathered a selection of plain and printed silks (recognise one of the patterns Dawn?) and laid out my design on a base of purple cotton gauze and purple and pink short fibred merino. I included some gold printed crinkled silk, it was actually from a very expensive skirt I bought myself a couple of years before I started felting but never wore, I just love the fact that it’s possible to rework fabrics and create something totally new that hopefully will be appreciated and used for years to come.

Leiko modelling the finished wrap

These large wraps may also be hung on the wall or draped on the table and used as a decorative runner. I’ve actually started hanging some up in Duckett’s Grove and they really add a splash of colour to the whitewashed walls. Speaking of Duckett’s Grove, Emma, Michael and Jackie, Madeleine and I will all be staying open until 7pm on Saturday 25th of August to celebrate our first few weeks successfully operating from the ‘Courtyard at Duckett’s Grove‘! From 5pm onwards each of the studios will offer a complimentary glass of wine or something similar to set the tone and we’re all hoping to have special offers on the night and let everyone know that both studios and tea rooms are well and truly open for business!!! Do come along and please feel free to bring your friends, an official event page will be up on facebook as soon as I get a minute to actually get it organised.


4 thoughts on “‘Helping Herd’ collaged wrap and you’re invited to a studio and tea rooms open night at Duckett’s Grove

  1. I thought I recognized some of the patterned silk…Think I have it’s mate out in the studio;-))) Yes, I do love that we can make something new and wearable out of items that were no longer being used. And, it’s beautiful, too! Great job! Are you running low and about ready to come back for another silk treasure hunt? It’s not nearly as much fun going without you! Still makes me chuckle to think of all of our finds laid out on the couch, counting and sorting;-)) Oh, what fun that was. I’m easily entertained, I know:-))

    Leiko makes a lovely model for your beautiful nuno-collage wrap. I’m sure that Janet will be thrilled when it arrives.

    Big hugs,

  2. Charming and gorgeous ! Goes awesome with the model and the little purple flowers in the backdrop is so pretty. I can see how stunning area you’re in. I wish I could come along. My mind will be there. Have a great time.

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