It’s another busy weekend

It’s another busy weekend on the felting and teaching front. Yesterday I had the market, Duckett’s Grove and organising stock for the Country Fair at Borris House, today I had an enjoyable felt bag workshop (can’t wait for finished pics Marie!), tomorrow and Monday I’m back at Duckett’s Grove and also on Monday I’m really excited that US friends Merridee and Keith will be arriving to stay!!! Our felting retreat starts on Tuesday but I will have time then to keep you all updated each day as I’ll be near the computer each day too. I’m plotting and planning my own projects for next week, Eco printing and a nuno felt shift/jumper are top of my list!


1 thought on “It’s another busy weekend

  1. Good morning!

    Looks like a gorgeous bag in the making in the above photo…Can’t wait to see the finished creation.

    You are the busiest person that I know! But, isn’t it wonderful to be busy doing that which we love? Why what if we were busy, but instead of felting, we were in charge of cleaning and tidying? !!!!!! Now, one, we wouldn’t be able to hold down a job, and two, we’d be stressed out and miserable! So enjoy that busy-ness.

    Oh, and have a great time with Merridee and Keith…I know that you will. I’ll be green with envy thinking of all the fun that you’re having!

    Hope you had another fantastic day at Duckett’s Grove. Tell Emma hello for me.

    Big hugs,

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